Bloodline Champions the PVP Arena Game Gets Trailer + Screens (w/ Game-play)

DualShockers writes, "If you like your combat against real people, and you are a fan of fantasy-based games like World of Warcraft, you definitely want to know about Bloodline Champions. This game brings blood splatters, special moves, races of all kinds to the table, and lets players create near-endless combinations of characters dubbed Champions. Hardcore gamers will be pleased to know the game is completely skill-based, with chance never calculated into the formula for damage! Teams are color coded, stats are tracked allowing you to see your effectiveness in battle (and even that of your foes), and the controls have been designed to flow with a mouse and keyboard but is also completely re-assignable.

Designed from the ground up to be a competitive sport (like we saw this weekend in the fighting video game finals at EVO), Bloodline Champions takes itself very seriously. With short “cool-down” times in between the use of magic spells and skills, no Mana or MP is required...."

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Hitman07692898d ago

Finally, a game focused on PVP that takes itself seriously. There are so many titles in the fantasy genre that dilute the PVP features out there. Sometimes you just need to keep it simple and this game is making moves that make sense. No MP and Mana to worry about, no Luck/Chance in the deal of damage, and no wandering around for items because that's not what I want when I'm looking for PVP. I'm definitely going to try and jump into this Beta.

thevokillist2898d ago

Sounds interesting, actually. I may have to check this one out in a little more detail.