Gamer Limit Review: Singularity

To say “it’s been done before” is quite the understatement these days. Flagrant rip-offs of popular franchises practically inundate the market, and with Singularity this fact becomes all the more apparent. However, Singularity also shows that in some respects, a rip-off can stand solid, though rising beyond that simple task is a difficult affair.

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finbars752903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

I have to say that from what I have seen from reviewers are that they really havnt played through the game at all.This game is very solid and yes it might borrower from Bioshock, Fear or any other game but what they did was make it there own.It was smartley done and the story was awsome especially how they blended true history in with there own plot.The graphics are dated but the game itself pulls you out of how things can look.Thats what happens when you use the unreal engine which to me is so dated and looks like ass.But back to my opinion.The game is definatley the darkhorse this year that should not be overlooked by others due to crappy reviews.The MP is fun and enteresting and should not be forgotten to try because the things you can do in it are different from others and a unique outlook on character choosing is a given.Go out and buy this game I guarantee you wont regret it like most of these reviewers will.