20° Mytheon Hands-On Preview takes a look at the upcoming Petroglyph isometric MMO, Mytheon, and goes hands-on to bring the details to their readers.

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Fabian2904d ago

Definitely intriguing. I love Greek mythology and I do have a nostalgic fondness for isometric games. What's more, the art style actually seems to work really well with the graphics in this game - a few too many MMOs these days are relying on a heavy graphics engine with the assumption that they'll look pretty automatically. I really feel like the art style counts for much more, and it seems like Mytheon is heading a bit more down that route.

omicron0092904d ago

Looks pretty good, I lost top down RPGs for some reason.

Murgatroyd72904d ago

It looks fantastic until you zoom in on the character models. Heh. This seems interesting enough to try, although it's hard to say how long it would be able to hold my interest.