Why the 3ds is good for Sony.

You all know you’ve dreamed of it. A day where we could have our very own adventure inside of a Holodeck where we could totally be immersed. We may not be there quite yet so we have to deal with stereoscopic 3D instead. In this past E3 both Sony and Nintendo showed off some of their new 3D products. Nintendo has its new handheld, the 3DS, that will allow for 3D on the go. Sony on the other hand has unveiled that the PS3 would be getting an update to allow for 3D (the update is already out at the time of this post). Listen as we discuss these two’s announcement along with bits about just general 3D. Enjoy.

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Trroy2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

3DS appreciators will be more interested in 3D TVs, its true. The 3DS is like a walking 3DTV advert.

On top of that, the 3DS, with specs so close to the PSP, will basically become an extension of PSP development for 3rd parties, until it outnumbers the PSP, at which point the PSP will still be the crossplat buddy of the 3DS... if it still hasn't been overshadowed by a PSP2 by the time the 3DS sells 60 million units. The PSP may live on for eons through the 3DS, simply because it offers 3rd parties a much wider audience for software catered to very similar hardware specs.

Nintendo probably likes the idea of converting all the current 3rd-party PSP dev houses to become 3DS/PSP devs. It's only warring fanboys who will dislike the idea. Sony probably doesn't mind, either.