What would YOU like to see from Play, Create, and Share

SFG writes: It looked amazing, but the critics said it wasn’t going to work. To them it was a gimmick that would surely die off, because you could not be sure, that a community would stick together. A year and a half later, and Little Big Planet is still going strong. It has been blessed with a constant stream of DLC, that only rivals Rock Band for long term support, and upgrades that have kept the game evolving. With over 3 million copies sold, and over 2 million user created levels, I would call that a success.

It was such a great success, that it forced two things to happen. First, Media Molecule said they wouldn’t do a sequel, but after being out developed by the community, LBP2 was born. The second thing that happened, the success forced Sony’s hand into acquiring Media Molecule, because you can’t have the face of your console running around on someone else’s machine. The tag line on the back of LBP was Play, Create, and Share.

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SeanRL2903d ago

A shooter, full control over your gun, character and even levels!

piroh2903d ago

Planet Minigolf
Modnation Racers
LBP2 takes care about the rest

...maybe normal golf? you know bunker, green, hills editing... Clap Hanz could do it with Move support

Armyless2902d ago

With player created kingdoms, player shared economies and an open world online persistent MMORPG.

TheLastGuardian2902d ago

an open world sandbox game with cutscenes.

Cevapi882902d ago

im thinking of ratchet and clank...having the ability to create my own weapons and enemies would be amazing

zeeshan2902d ago

Would looovvee to create an RPG game. Seriously, that would be awesome!

Oh and I also want to create my own fighting game ala MK, SF, VF style :)

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TheColbertinator2903d ago


I would also like to write the script.The stories I want to tell comes from over 20 years of RPG experiences

NecrumSlavery2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

Yeah a good RPG Maker would be great. I'd like to see a creator in 3D Dot Game Heroes 2, if there ever is one. I think the ability to create a 40 hour game would be amazing. I am looking forward to make one with LBP2. I think levels in LBP 2 will start receiving awards themselves. It's not just a platform game with an amazing creator, it's a friggin development kit for us. MM are gods among the throne next to the likes of Naughty Dog and Guerrilla Games

cobpswii36002903d ago

Well Media Molecule said "You can make an 80 hour long RPG with LBP2." so I think your covered. :)

NecrumSlavery2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

I'm scripting a story as of now, and will figure out how to apply it when this GOTY drops in the Fall

Focker-4202903d ago

A FPS or TPS where you can create levels, characters, weapons, game modes. I want to make a Santa Clause with a Candy Cane rocket launcher. All set in a North Pole level. The possibilities are endless.

FreeFalling2903d ago

Does Levels, game modes, weapon placement, and customizable characters; although the last 2 aren't as intuitive as the first 2.

Lol watch, I'm gonna get disagrees for stating fact. :]

Focker-4202903d ago

Apparently you've never played LBP or Modnation Racers. Its a completely different thing.

telekineticmantis2903d ago

That's no really in the same realm....

Quagmire2903d ago

A kart racing game.

Oh wait...

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