APB begins the long road of post-launch fixes

All Points Bulletin (APB) has been live for about two weeks, and its development team is now looking to address a list of changes that have been pending since before launch.

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CrAppleton3077d ago

Crazy how many issues there are to fix. I guess with a ginormous game like this it's bound to happen

Queasy3077d ago

#1 on RealTime World's list of things they wished they done instead of APB, Crackdown 2.

Neco5123077d ago

LOL. A lot of people wish they made Crackdown 2 instead of their crappy games right now. $$$$$

killyourfm3077d ago

Part of me...a giant part of me...really wishes Real Time Worlds would have just focused all their effort on Crackdown 2, perhaps then it would have been more of a sequel. As far as APB, I have yet to hear anything truly positive about it.

Queasy3077d ago

It was a cool concept when it was first announced. But the coolness got lost between concept and execution.

Neco5123077d ago

I think I've seen this recently.. Naughty Bear anyone? Well.. that was done a little better than this

Hububla3077d ago

i own the game and its really fun once you get into it... ive played over 60 hours and im havin a blast.. half the fun is just driving around with ur friends smashing into stuff and flippin ppl over that are in high speed chases. All of the reviews of this game are ppl playing by themselves and yea if ur alone this game would be pretty boring.. its a game that needs to be played with a group

webeblazing3077d ago

the game looks hot to me theyre gonna fix the bugs soon every single thing aint gonna get fix day one

GrilledCheeseBook3077d ago

APB beta was a mixed bag
it will definitely be good after patching

MxShade3077d ago

Honestly, some of these are really issues they should have addressed before the game goes live. Typical MMO rush though - launch first, answer questions later.