8.7 All Points Bulletin Review posts their review of Realtime Worlds recently launched shooter MMO, All Points Bulletin. While the game has its issues, the overall fun factor is high and they give the game a solid 8.7/10.

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Fabian3076d ago

I happen to be less enthusiastic about this game in practice than some of the others at MMOCrunch. I found the beta rather unwieldy, and the launch has seen enough bugs and other technical issues that I think the core concept of shooting and driving is rather temperamental. Added to that, the singleplayer missions just aren't particularly interesting, so you really have to rely on getting good luck with PvP missions. As a player only tangentially interested in PvP, that doesn't even always do it for me when I do manage to get a bug-free session. Overall, I can see where they're going with APB, and it may end up being a great game in future, but I just don't think the potential has been fulfilled yet.

omicron0093076d ago

Really want to get this game, seems like a lot of fun

Murgatroyd73076d ago

When I hear about this game, it sounds great, but when watching it, I'm not impressed at all. Not really sure what to think. By the time I finally play it, nobody will be online anymore.

RaymondM3075d ago

thats what I'm thinking too. I've got too many games to finish to have this one on my radar just yet. Hell, Alan Wake has new DL content comming out and Starcraft too...I might give it a rent, but that wont be for a while.
It did get a more than respectable score however, since this game has been pretty low on my list of games to check out. It seems pretty interesting, but somehow i think that in a world of GTA and Red Dead: this game needed to be revolutionary in order to find a audience.
But I guess I should check it out first before I discredit it.
Good read, bub.