DualCast Level 1 - What Defines an RPG?

DualShockers writes, "As we mentioned a couple times in our ShockCast, we have been hard at work behind the scenes on a new podcast dedicated to role-playing games, which just happens to be my genre of choice. All that work has finally come to fruition this week, as we kick things off with a huge premiere episode of our DualCast. Join us as Yaris, Joel, Al, Jon, Tyler and myself discuss what really defines an RPG, at least to us. With so many games these days taking bits and pieces of various RPG mechanics, what really makes a true RPG stand out? We also discuss our first memories of RPGs and how that experience helped shape us as gamers. Finally we delve into topics about dialog in games, whether text-only or voiced, as well as how much we (well, most of us) dislike Fable II. Various high jinks ensue, in true DualShockers fashion, so even if you’re not a fan of RPGs, come join us for a fun romp around this corner of the gaming world in our inaugural DualCast!"

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Ninferno2752d ago

another podcast on, finally a place for these nerds to vent their RPG tendencies

taz80802752d ago

A podcast that is just for RPGs some would think may not have enough material but ehy would be wrong. RPGs are the cornerstone of gaming, providing great stories and unique experiences. Good podcast guys.

Hitman07692752d ago

An RPG podcast during the year of the RPG, how unexpected!

Jokes aside, the topic of Role Playing Games and what defines a Role Playing Game is very vast and diverse and you really can go on and on for days about it. I was hard to squeeze everything into the first episode.

Really, what we all could agree on was the fact that a role playing game should give you an experience through the eyes of a character in another world. Immersion is probably the #1 feature of an RPG, this is achieved through a great story. But there are many, many other elements to an RPG which we go into detail about.

It was especially great going back in time and reminiscing on our first RPGs.

flyingmunky2752d ago

Just for fun:

My first experience with RPGs was back in the NES era. My brothers and I got Dragon Warrior as a part of a Nintendo Power magazine sign up offer. Ever since then I have been hooked on them.

My Uncle told us to level up around the castle at the beginning. We leveled there for like 3 hours before he came back by to see how far we had gotten in the game. Lol he was like, 'what the heck are you guys doing!?'

Good times

Game-ur2752d ago

There are three pillars to an RPG, and launch from them to varying degrees to form sub categories:

3-Character build up
If you look past labeling you will find that some games are actually RPGs, and others -while labeled as such- are not. Based on this you could consider Red Dead Redemption an RPG, while FF13 is less so.

Chadness2752d ago

I'm sure what defines an RPG is different depending on who you ask. But we do see some common ground when talkin of various story devices and mechanics.

meiamsome2752d ago

RPG's are an important part of gaming and I think that this is a good testemony.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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