Fresh Batch Of Final Fantasy XIV Beta Test Invites Sent Out

Beta testing for Square Enix’s MMO Final Fantasy XIV started over the weekend, and while there are no doubt plenty of FF lovers currently beta-ing out with it, Square just sent out a fresh batch of invites to “thousands of new applicants.”

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XxSolid SnakexX2930d ago

:( didn't get one ohh well hope they have more than one wave.

evrfighter2930d ago

I'm takin my toys and goin home :(

I'm itching to try out this game @ 6048x1080

Myst2930d ago

>_> Like I would have wanted to play anyway!

*Clicks the tiny [x] at the top with a lot of fury in the clicking motion*

Cheeseknight282930d ago

Yeah I could care less about FF14 especially after I've heard that initial impressions are poor. They are likely rushing it to meet the September date so they can get burnt-out WoW players before Cataclysm releases.

Now if Bioware wants to send me a TOR beta key, I'd be ecstatic.

blasian2930d ago

Damn you SE! Im a sad lalafell

GrilledCheeseBook2930d ago

so sad
i didn't receive an invite

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The story is too old to be commented.