GrE Review: APB: All Points Bulletin

GrE writes, "APB: All Points Bulletin is an MMO from Realtime Worlds, the developers behind the original Crackdown on the Xbox 360. Essentially it is a “Cops and Robbers” game that will obviously draw comparisons to Grand Theft Auto. This is about as useful as comparing Dragon Age to World of Warcraft. Other than being a crime game with the ability to steal cars, APB and GTA are nothing alike. That being said, being different from that legendary franchise doesn’t mean that APB is bad. Despite being skeptical going in, I have found APB to be a surprisingly addictive and entertaining experience..."

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roblef2903d ago

Seems pretty interesting. I didn't have much interest in this game when I'd heard about it, but this may make me take another look.

Persistantthug2903d ago

I don't think I'd spend my money on this.

Hububla2903d ago

don't trust the reveiws on this one.. all the reviewers were playing solo... with a group of friends the game is really fun.. and has the best customizing and creation tools since Little Big Planet on top of that you can upload all ur music from ur PC into the game and if they are availible on Last FM you can play ur own music in ur car and on public stereos in the social district and other ppl hear ur music like when you drive by and shit.. if ur creative you dont even have to pay the monthly fee.. just make a symbol or song that people like and auction it off for game money or APB points and pay for ur subscription that way

CrAppleton2903d ago

I could never get into MMOs and their wicked complex systems. Kinda sucks that this one has the same issue.

roblef2903d ago

They don't have to be too complex. WoW does a good job, IMHO, in keeping the complexity well-managed.

Neco5122903d ago

WOW does a great job of it. Now if they can find some way to keep me off of it for a few min. when I'm home maybe I'll check this game out too

starven2903d ago

I played this a little bit. I gotta say it is more fun than I had anticipated. I am looking forward to sinking some more time into this one.

bgrundman2903d ago

I want to play it, but MMOs just scare me too much.

Davedough2903d ago

You know. Color me interested. I'm not the biggest MMO kinda person, but Crackdown was so unbelievably fun for its day, I'd give this one a spin. Nice writeup.

Crash551182903d ago

Been looking out for it, but don't think I have anything that could run it, seems like an interesting idea.

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