Puzzle Quest 2 Review (DualShockers)

DualShockers writes, "Puzzle Quest 2 is a sequel to the 2007 downloadable and portable hit Puzzle Quest. Developed again by Infinite Interactive, Puzzle Quest 2 aims to provide a refreshing change of pace in the mundanely saturated RPG market, and for the most part it succeeds. Like the first game, the player battles monsters in a turn based combat system. Essentially grid based, you must earn mana by matching colored gems in either vertically or horizontally adjacent rows. This mana is then used to cast spells and curses, among other techniques. On the surface, PQ2 provides casual Bejeweled –esque puzzle fun. However, do not be mislead by this seemingly simple outset..."

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Hitman07692927d ago

I've always been a fan of Puzzle types of games, but some do the trick and some don't. I have been jamming in this genre since Tetris on the Nintendo NES and Gameboy (yeah the BRICK one). I am intrigued by the RPG elements proposed in this title, it seems like this year truly is the year of the RPG with so many true RPGs and practically every other genre incorporating RPG elements more than ever! Rejoice RPG fans, this is your year!

Myst2927d ago

I am baffled that this game is on only one out of the two hand helds and one out of the three consoles...

taz80802927d ago

I think this will spread to toehr consoles soon enough. The first one came out on everything so I doubt this one will stay limited.

Myst2927d ago

Yeah I'm thinking the same thing, just been itching to get it either on PSN or Steam whichever it comes to first. Just amazed that it didn't come out simultaneous on the others.

Ninferno2927d ago

glad to hear it was a good game.

thevokillist2927d ago

If it is as addicting as Bejeweled, then I'm there.