AAA First-Person Shooter Available to Play Online Free

Zero Point Software is inviting gamers from all over the world to get immersed even deeper into the story, world and gameplay of the Interstellar Marines games, currently in development. In Interstellar Marines: Running Man, playable online now for free, players take part of a select group of Special Forces secretly being trained as first line of defence against other sentient species.

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Fishy Fingers2926d ago

Pretty damn impressive for a browser based game.

Blacktric2926d ago

Meh. Who cares when we have the greatest FPS ever made named Modern Warfare 2?

/S (yes with uppercase to show how serious I am)

BiggCMan2926d ago

played it for 20 mins and enjoyed it more than modern warfare 2.

very impressed.

Blacktric2926d ago

Oh and for disagreers; that /S means Sarcasm if you don't know what it is. Thank you...

hassi942925d ago

Maybe the disagrees are from people who DO think Modern Warfare 2 is the best FPS ever made? It's a crazy world...

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kalebgray922926d ago

i remember the trailer in 2005... lol ima be playin it

il-mouzer2926d ago

what the hell do you mean by "next generation" in the 2005 the next generation we referred to is the current one we are in at the moment

the one which is ruled by console exclusives, dlcs, fanboys and less people playing the game itself

kalebgray922925d ago

the 360 wasnt even out when this was announced.... now its a browser game... not on consoles or even on a physical disc... i still call it the next generation cuz we wont see the "720" or "ps4" till at least 2013..... and yeah whatever fail console nintendo comes out with next.... and next generation only refers to consoles.... pc's are ever evolving so they dont count

il-mouzer2925d ago

ah ok, everyone keeps on changing terms with "next gen" and what not

I guess that the second part of next gen is the new motion controls, although me being a PC gamer am not so enthused, and neither impressed.

zeksta2926d ago

Amazing, this just shows you how far devolopers have come, being able to impliment such amazing graphics into a Browser based game, i'm astounded. :)

zagibu2926d ago

The developer of the game doesn't have a lot to do with it though, they just write their game pretty much how they would a standalone game. The unity web player then provides the link between the browser and your graphics card.
Soon, this will be possible without a plugin, when WebGL will finally be included in the newest releases of many popular browsers.

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The story is too old to be commented.