R.U.S.E. Free Weekend Announced

Ubisoft has today announced that this weekend, from Thursday 15th – Monday 19th July 2010, gamers eagerly anticipating the upcoming release of the Real-Time Strategy (RTS) title, R.U.S.E., will be able to play a renovated demo for free. Available via Valve’s digital distribution service, Steam, the new build of R.U.S.E. features many adjustment’s based on feedback from the beta testing phase.

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kevco332750d ago

I'm up and down with this one. Was really excited, got put off. Got really excited again, missed the beta...

I think this weekend will determine if Ubi are getting my money or not!

mjolliffe2750d ago

Was this the 'awesome' news they were teasing on Twitter?

Finch2749d ago

Im looking forward to the game as a fun filler, but i really want is a new Endwar2 for the great online war C play. If RUSE added in a online war campain feature like Endwar. RUSE could be one of the greats.