New Medal of Honour Screens - Anti-Aliasing Added

EA has released brand new Medal of Honor screens. First thing noticeable from the new screens is that Anti-Aliasing have been added and the game's overall graphics has been hugely improved since the public have last seen.

Hit jump to see them.

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Vip3r3786d ago

This game should rock. All MoH's do.

sjappie3786d ago

sucked major @ss imo. I'm still not sure about this one, I hope there will be a demo.

ben hates you3786d ago

Brothers in Arms > call of duty > MOH

DiLeCtioN3786d ago

is actually a decent game and the screens look gr8

Hatchetforce3786d ago

Medal of Honor is the original great WWII shooter. Many people seem to forget that. CoD has been great, but look at the norm. Get in a fight. Your guys run to the next door, gap in fence, space in hedge, etc. As you approach they run in before you get there, there is fighting then rinse and repeat.

Scenario number 2. You clear a building. As you go to leave guys rush out of the next building and take up position in front of it. You shoot at them from your building and eventually assault. Rinse and repeat. That's CoD for the most part.

MoH, MoH Underground and MoH Allied Assault did things that everyone tried to emulate. If the Airborne infiltration works - and it isn't the drop mechanics that are tricky it is the AI, then this could be the most kickass WW II shooter ever that also has the highest replay value.

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The story is too old to be commented.