Cataclysm Stonetalon Mountains Exploration

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm has many surprises awaiting players. The land has changed its geography and topography in unexpected ways. Such is the case of the Stonetalon Mountains where the Horde and Alliance are at war big time in several areas.

The land is so altered from what we know that it's hard to recognize and navigate without looking at the map for guidance.

The Venture Co. is nigh gone from the Windshear Crag. It's now a battlefield between two fortresses where the Alliance and the Horde fight to claim the resources of the area.

The path to the Charred Vale is no more. It's now a huge valley where both factions are fighting tooth and nail mano-a-mano. Catapults launch fire and glaives left and right.

Stonetalon Mountains is looking pretty interesting to level up in. WoW: IncGamers has 78 screenshots and an exploration walkthrough of what to find in this region torn by the Cataclysm and war.

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Medievaldragon3075d ago

It's a pity this zone is level 28-35 range. It would be awesome as a level 80 zone or at least having a flying mount. Looks gorgeous graphically.

Leord3075d ago

Well, good for us without max lvl chars :)

Porco3075d ago

God, man, I just wish I had a beta key!

syrinx3075d ago

I never liked Stonetalon, it always seemed a little annoying to get around.

twoflower3075d ago

same here, but with flying everywhere in azeroth, it will be interesting again :D

Porco3075d ago

Flying, yeah, had all but forgotten about that!

Leord3075d ago

Perhaps something to come back to time and time again :)

hardcorez3075d ago

Ah the wonderful world of WoW!

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