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gtsentry2902d ago

medal of honor,black ops,gt5,enslaved,vanquished,ha lo reach,assassins creed,madden11,2k11,fable3,fal lout,socom4,littlebigplanet2,st ar wars,mafia 2,spiderman shattered dimensions....and theres only more for this year.thats why some games will be pushed bak till nex year

Baka-akaB2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

there will always be lots of titles every year , at keys periods , and more than half the game you mentioned wouldnt even be concurrents and usually affect sales of a racing car (that excuse is for crap like blur) .
It most likely just need more time and polish . Plus they need to cut content to resale as dlc :p

Blacktric2902d ago

I hope they never release this abomination. Being able to teleport to another car... IN A DRIVER GAME?!!

T9X692902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

I think its better off that way, to many great games coming out very soon and Driver would just be buried at the bottom. Even if it turns out to be a great game.

Acquiescence2902d ago

It hasn't been good since, like, the middle ages.

cliffbo2902d ago

they have to cut it down so that it fits on one DVD

siyrobbo2902d ago

wheres that damned ignore button gone.......

ian722902d ago

Oh well, lots more games coming. Can wait a little longer for this. As long as GT5 doesn't get delayed, that would be bad.

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