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Ex: "With the makings of a cult classic, Naughty Bear does have ways of redeeming itself from some control and graphical hiccups. Pushing a cute and cuddly stuffed animal "over the edge" for example, is quite satisfying. You'll have plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, watching these bears shrink their own heads, pummel themselves with a bat, or stab themselves in the chest with a knife. If you're not a fan of dark humor by the way, you can stop reading right now, there is nothing here for you."

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bgrundman2930d ago

I was really hoping this game could be good... :(

CrAppleton2930d ago

I really enjoyed the game, just sucks that there were some issues holding it back

DaRockSays2930d ago

design flaws weren't THAT bad, it was the repetitiveness that got me. But the game is nonetheless fun

Queasy2930d ago

Everything I saw about this game before it was released screamed "wicked humor but poor gameplay." Looks like I wasn't far off in that assessment.

killyourfm2930d ago

Trade it away to Goozex before people realize it sucks :-p

Neco5122930d ago

I had fun with it. This is a sick and twisted game that is a love or hate relationship right from the start. If you see past the flaws, this is a great game

DaRockSays2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Yeah I agree, The main flaw is the camera control, some repetitive sounds as well, but it's not atrocious by any means

CrAppleton2930d ago

Sad to say though, multiplayer sucked. Maybe fun for a quick half hour.. but after that.. not even worth playing. The only way you'll get your money worth out of NB is through a sick love for hating everything else. Which kinda fits today's youth perfectly!

bgrundman2930d ago

They never said anything about there even being multiplayer in this game... WTF?

2930d ago
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