Get an Xbox 360 for $109 and UFC 2010 for $30

Gamestop is offering a refurbished Xbox 360 with a wired controller for $109 dollars.

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ReBurn2748d ago

Caveat Emptor. I don't know if I could bring myself to buy a used Xbox 360. As much as I enjoy mine, and I really do, I can't help but think that many people trade them because of the issues they've had with them.

Independent_Charles2747d ago

id never buy a console 2nd hand evan with a warrenty. you dont know how its been treated in the past. i knwo the same can be said about a car but you get service history on a car.

Dac2u2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

I bought a used Wii from Amazon for $100 a couple weeks ago, the thing looks brand new and I haven't had any trouble with it. There's usually nothing wrong with buying used, you just have to read reviews of the seller and see if they have a decent warranty with a return/refund option. Personally, I'd never buy a 360, much less a used one. But, other consoles are OK used.

orange-skittle2747d ago

You said you'd never buy a console 2nd hand, but you also never picked up a dictionary

blumatt2747d ago

I might buy one if they sell it for $9. lol Then it may be worth all the trouble of owning one and all the high-priced accessories. j/k But yeah, once new 360 Elites start selling around $100, I might buy one. Maybe.

Folezicle2747d ago

it does depend on how old the Xbox is, mine has still been working since 07, and a lot of my mates haven't had the issue either, it's more the launch titles that had high failure rates

xX TriiCKy Xx2747d ago

I know I did....but then I got one for Christmas and said, "Ah, what the hell. I'll keep it."

KingKiff2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

I wanted to buy a second hand box just to play Halo:Reach online with my friends when it hits the stores and have had trouble finding a decent priced refurbish.

EDIT: I would have a 360 buy now but Nata... um Kinetic made me change my mind after the demo's, also there is no good games for the 360 that I can't get on my PS3/PC bar Halo:Reach

Just my opinion.

Anon19742747d ago

I checked my local Gamestop (Canadian) recently to see what the trade in credit was for a 360. They just lowered it to $25 now that the 360S are out. The employee said they're trying to discourage people from trading in 360's. If you trade in your 360 towards new hardware they'll give you an extra $50 credit. Still making a nice little return there if they're selling them for $109.

I'd never buy a used 360 though. Too much risk.

Megaton2747d ago

It's a pretty good rule to just avoid used consoles in general unless you know the previous owner personally, but yeah, I think that goes double for 360's. You're safer buying used condoms than used 360's.

ManGastaS2747d ago

I have a refurbished Xbox 360 I bought from a spanish guy in 2007! I live in Africa Angola, here is very hot and we have too many energy problems. My 360 never had a single problem I play a lot!

My PS3 died after the update... it never came back... I Never finished Uncharted 2 coz of this :(

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Infernostew2747d ago

Who would pay $109 for a ticking time bomb?

killyourfm2747d ago

EVER buy a used 360 from Gamestop. Trust me on this.

PlainOldGamer2747d ago

I bought a refurbished XBOX from Gamestop, started having some problems a year later. Sometimes you lucky i guess.

OwNizzleD2747d ago

I had problems the 1st day... the damn disc drive wouldn't read anything.

Brian52472747d ago

I bought a refurbed Xbox360 back in 2006, still works like a charm to this day.

dizzleK2747d ago

i had a used 60 gig ps3 from gamestop, it lasted me a little over 3 years. still works, just needs a new blu-ray drive. i had a used 360 and never had a problem with it either.

TheColbertinator2747d ago

No way is that a good deal.Many of my friends traded in RROD 360s to Gamestop for money.

TheNocturnus2747d ago

How did they trade their RROD boxes when gamestop tests all of the consoles they trade for?

stephmhishot2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

You get less money obviously. When I traded my PS2 in for my PS3 back in the day (2007), I think they had like a deal where you got $100-150 bucks trade in value on a PS2, two controllers and a memory card if memory serves. Unfortunately my PS2 no longer read the blue discs, they still took it and said they get them repaired, but I ended up with like $50 bucks instead.

Big screwjob overall, since I don't think any PS2 read the blue discs by 2007 (nor were there any newer games even on blue discs), but I was too excited to get the PS3 haha.

orange-skittle2747d ago

Does the word refurbished mean anything?

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