Ed Boon Reveals Cancelled Mortal Kombat: Fire & Ice

This has to be one of the biggest injustices against Mortal Kombat fans. Well, other than the actual games post-Mk3, as well as the atrocious spinoff brawlers MK mythologies and Special Forces.

Series Co-creator Ed Boon has revealed that a co-operative game featuring the series stalwarts ninjas – Sub Zero and Scorpion was cancelled. It was to be made by the guys who developed the underrated, but pretty darn good God of War-esque Shaolin Monks.

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Jamegohanssj52716d ago

Wtf? You guys scrapped this, but did MK V DC? What the f*ck? As much as I love DC I am puzzled right now.


Elven62716d ago

MK vs. DC sold over 2 million copies and is one of the most successful Mortal Kombat games released on a financial standpoint. The Dark Knight made Batman "cool again" for the masses and Warner Brothers helped out with marketing so it was a smart decision to make the game at the time for Midway. MK games usually sell over 1 million units.

Regardless, this was being made by their San Diego studio not the Chicago one so I doubt the game had much of an impact.

Ed Boon tweeted this so I'm sure there is more to the story.

T9X692716d ago

Correction - Heath Ledger made Batman cool again :P

Blaine2715d ago

Christopher Nolan made Batman cool again.

Dragun6192715d ago

Correction: Batman was always cool.

Ninjews2715d ago

Correction- oh wait that's right.

zeeshan2715d ago

I know this probably won't ever happen again but I loved Shaolin Monks and I wish that they'll make a MK:SM2 some time in the future!

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DasBunker2716d ago

"Correction - Heath Ledger made Batman cool again"

yes.. by dying like a pathetic drug addict before movie release.. DK was boring as hell.. but hey the dude died lets hype his mediocre performance

omi25p2715d ago

he died a drug addict? wrong he was taking the pills to carm him down and he over dosed he wasnt addicted and arent you brave abusing the dead. piece of shit.

NeloAnjelo2715d ago

STFU and speak of something you know about. People like you two can only watch mindless bull. Nolan and his brother created the Joker's image which Ledger pertrayed perfectly... and he wasn't an addict...FACT!

I guess you prefer "better" films like Iron man 2, and transformers 2... all style, no substance... GTFO. Joker, Batman, the whole story matched the comic book world with films perfectly. Something not many other films have done. Go read The Dark Knight Returns, Dark Victory, The Man who Laughs... etc... Oh sorry that might be a bit too hard... Stop dishing insults like its a competition. Two can play at that game. If your puny mind can understand it, go watch a little film called Mememto by the same director. Stop critising something because you didn't understand it.

Omegasyde2715d ago

Then why the hell did Heath Ledger win an Oscar for Best supporting Actor?

Don't tell me it was because he died because many actors/actresses died during a movie year and won jack squat.

And honestly the Joker made the movie great. Just look at this scene:

He even does magic in it.

PS360PCROCKS2715d ago

insulting the dead? especially with insults that aren't even true? You obviously don't enjoy great films, because the dark knight is one of the best movies i've ever seen. There is a reason it has a 94% on rotten tomatoes. It's universally regarded as the best comic book movie ever made, and it made A BILLION DOLLARS. Heath Ledgers performance was incredible, if you can't respect that I feel sorry for you.

darren_poolies2715d ago

After what you have just said, I kinda hate you right now. :)

AssassinHD2715d ago

If by "mediocre performance" you mean "flawless performance" then I totally agree with you. Oh and if by "boring as hell" you mean "incredibly entertaining, thanks largely to Heath Ledger's performance" then I also totally agree with you.

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FragMnTagM2716d ago

I think they are retarded. Two of the most popular characters in a Shoalin Monk type of game would have been bad ass.

ReBurn2716d ago

I feel like there hasn't been a true Mortal Kombat game since the series went to textured polygon models for the characters. Man how I loved going to the arcade and feeling the floor shake from the sounds of the pounding hits and cracking bones coming out of the Mortal Kombat II machine. It was so awesome for its time.

I wish they could recreate that feeling with a new title.

Scrooge2715d ago

Actually, MK: Deception was pretty good, definitely the best so far among the polygon generation. I agree with you though, it was fun being a kid and getting excited over the arcades.

Omegasyde2715d ago

Armageddon was ok... but the create-a-fatatilty was really cheesy and you could tell that the developers were more for quantity over quality.

If anything, go back to the MK3 finisher forumula, were everyone had 2 fatalities (some 3?), a friendship, and a animality.

Leave the babytalities out of course, and replace them with deceptions suicides (Hara-Kiri) which are really funny.

Also quan-chi was a decent bad guy but pales in comparison to the shao kahn. That dragon God in Armageddon was also cheesy.

Snakefist302716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

DAM It wud be an awesome playing scorpion and subzero together in coop it wud Much better than shoalin monks.The game would be BAD ASS!!!

R2D22716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

I remember that little prick would pop up on the right hand of my screen in order to unluck smoke.

Am I the only one who thinks that most mortal Kombat charater all look the same. Look at sub-zero and scoprion - Millena and Kitana - Barraka and Kano Riden and the dude that has the jigsaw hat.

Jamegohanssj52716d ago

ROFLMFAO! Don't talk aboot Noob like that >>.


2716d ago
Bnet3432716d ago

Coming from a Street Fighter fan, it isn't any different on Street Fighter's end. Ken, Ryu, Akuma, Gouken, Dan, Sakura, etc. all have the same moves.

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