Xbox 360 Redesign Losing Steam in Japan

Well, the party couldn't last forever. Though the Xbox 360 received a sales spike of 800% in Japan following the slim redesign, the latest Media Create numbers show signs that the sales are normalizing. reports that the latest numbers show the Xbox 360 selling 7,303 units, less than half of the 17,370 from the last reporting period.

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Raoh2929d ago

always a spike in new redesigned hardware. i dont think japan has changed their minds on not liking the 360.

the spike could possibly be the japanese 360 owners that do like their 360 but wanted a hardware upgrade. i know if i still had my 360 i would have bought the new one.

Double Toasted2929d ago

Fo' shizzle it fizzeled, but I'm no lizzayah when the 120 gig for $199 hits, it'll be fizzayah...ok I'm done.

BX812929d ago

I'm predicting that the 360 is going to do a lot better in Japan. If they are smart they'll release a limited edition console when they release monster hunter for the 360. A spike is always good but now they need to put out software to back up that spike. Yeah I think it's gonna take more than a new system design to win over the market in Japan but i've seen crazier things.

sikbeta2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

MH:FO was out by the same time the x360S came out, so that's it a sales Spike produced by both the new model and the exclusive game, it was a matter of time for this to happen even if MH is a Sales Beast in Japan, dumb Capcom making dumb decisions...


Well, I'm here to admit that I was Wrong about this specific "situation", when that article about the sales spike was the other week or so I said that when everything goes back to normal = 2k/3k per week for the x360, there wouldn't be any article about that, but here this article pointing out that sales are going back to normal, so yeah, I was wrong about this one....

Mizz_mai2928d ago

my guess is that the buzz died down after gamers found out you have to pay for live AND the subscription fee......

stb2929d ago

Dude monster hunter was released already...

Ooh you!

lelo2play2929d ago

Microsoft hasn't got a chance in Japan. They don't give much love to the X360 over there.

Tony-A2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

I don't think anyone expected this to last at all. And if you did.... well... you have some really high expectations.

Omega... BX...

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stonecold12929d ago

week it will go down 2000 or below where 360 first started off if not 1500 back to where it belongs i guess hehehe

VINNIEPAZ2929d ago

Jesus Christ..........grow up douche

logikil2929d ago

I think that people mistakenly tied the sales of the system to the redesign. It had more to do with monster hunter than any change in the hardware.

Anon19742929d ago

Monster Hunter and the sales they were having to get rid of the old hardware. I strongly suspect the 360 sales hike had much more to do with the old hardware being sold cheaper than anything else. Time will tell, but I predict 360 sales will go right back to where they were before the spike, about 12-15% lower than they were last year.

postofficebuddy2929d ago

The spike came almost entirely from the new model 15k out of 17k were the new ones.

hennessey862929d ago

just concentrate on us gamers who actually like the 360. give us some more exclusives instead of wasting time and money in japan where they just dont care about 360

Game-ur2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Microsoft started this generation by trying hard to appeal to Japan, thy commissioned lots of RPGs, some are great others not so much, but not long afterwards that just disappeared, did they want success overnight?

I consider Lost Odyssey the best JRPG so far (more of a FF than FF13, it had that feel to it), and ToV was the best produced Tales series, but I'm disappointed to see them give up and just look to get Games go multi platform.

stb2929d ago

True, cus of, ps3 is the way to go at the time of dealing with

seij5552929d ago

Nope VC, Demons Souls, heck even Disgaea 3 are better than Lost Odyssey.

Game-ur2929d ago

Those games are great, but I mean traditional JRPGs, VC is a SRPG and DS is something new (don't know what to compare it with).

LeonSKennedy4Life2929d ago

Release all the consoles you want.

You still can't play God of War III, Heavy Rain, inFamous, Killzone 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted 1 & 2, or other reasons they've chosen the PS3.

The Last Guardian FTW.

Cloudberry2929d ago

Yakuza 3 & 4.

Yakuza 4 would release in Spring 2011.

Abriael2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Well said, Cloudberry, bubble for you.

And just lol at the random disagrees, ah, sweet, blissful ignorance... The funny part is that the people that slag on every Japanese game just because it's Japanese, are normally the same ones that accuse the Japanese to be "xenophobic".

Just lol.

BabyTownFrolics2929d ago

since I own a ps3 and 360. If you own one it does not mean you cant own the other. these squabbles are petty.