Killzone 3 controls "closer to standard run-and-gun"

GOONL!NE writes: Guerrilla Games have confirmed in July 2010 edition of the Official PlayStation Magazine that Killzone 3 will have “a set of controls that will appeal to the vast majority of audiences.”

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gtsentry2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

i guess most cod players will love this

nikkisixx22597d ago

Yeah, at this point I wish they would just keep the controls of Killzone 2 after the patch. Only people who sucked complained about it.

DelbertGrady2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

"It's the player, not the game." ;)

@raztad - So, basically all games have great controls and the ones who complain about them are just bad gamers? I'll remember that.

raztad2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

"It's the player, not the game."

When the rules are the same for everyone I'd say yes.


Dunno about all other games you are talking about. This is a KZ thread. There is a divide around KZ2 controls. If you could not adapt to them if your problem, many others did.

Double Toasted2597d ago

Devs need to learn to not take away, but to add. Such a simple thing to inspire to...or not.

La Chance2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

Cant wait for all those 12 year olders in MW to flood in in KZ3.

zootang2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

At least give us the choice to be able to choose between sim and arcade controls.


I'm really pleased about it sticking to it's guns

ShinMaster2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

Soda would try to say Killzone has bad controls. The controls are fine. It's not supposed to be an arcadey game like COD or Halo! Not all FPSs have to play the same.
That should explain things better.

Blaster_Master2597d ago

I bet the game sells twice as much now that they are catering to everyone, not just the minority of gamers on n4g.

captain-obvious2597d ago

I love killzone I've played it for 100's of hours online

but they need to change the controls
and I think they should make them more BFBC2 like

thematrix12982597d ago

I bought KZ2 on release. I HATE the control lag. Because of this it causes motion sickness. I normally play FPS without any health issue but KZ2 makes me puke if I play for an hour. I hate what they did with KZ2 control.

Simon_Brezhnev2597d ago

i guess lachance forgot this is a PS3 exclusive lol.

Raf1k12597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

All those CoD players who start playing KZ3 will only be playing it until the next CoD is released.

edit: If I don't like the new controls I'll stick with KZ2 for online FPS.

thematrix12982597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

Stop voting me down. I'm not the only one having problem with HL2 and KZ2 motion sickness. I play CSS, COD, MAG, MOH etc... no problem but these games do make me sick:

D4RkNIKON2597d ago

The controls were fine the way they were after the patch. I do love hearing people bitch about it tho. I really don't care if they tweak the controls to make them a little more mainstream, I can't be more excited for this game. Maybe if they fix the main complaint people had with the game then there will be nothing left to complain about.

thor2597d ago


Your motion sickness is not necessarily caused by the 150ms control lag as opposed to the 100ms control lag in most other games. GTA4 has more control lag than KZ2.

Your motion sickness is probably caused by
- Some underlying health problem leaving you susceptible
- Motion blur and effects used in KZ2

I guarantee you that wacky visual effects such as motion blur are much more likely to make you feel ill. Bad controls (if you consider them as such) just annoy you.


think Thematrix means the floaty reticle not the heavy controls.

inception1232597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

great. kz2 was like an exclusive resort reserved only for the elite now it is going to become a public pool for any trash(halo and cod fanboys)to play in. i don't mind the control changes at all and i didn't mind the old controls i just liked that it kept the halo and cod fanboys from ruining it like they do with those 2 games. all they do is camp, use glitches and dumb stuff like bunny hopping in a circle they have no skill at all and now they are going to bring kz3 down to that. hardcore fps games are officially dead and now the casual arcade shooter is all that is left.

MysticStrummer2597d ago

@captain-obvious - Funny you would say that about BFBC2. I actually thought those controls felt waaay more sluggish than KZ2's. BFBC2 felt like controlling a heavy mech suit. At least KZ2 felt like controlling a human. I admit it's been a long time since I played KZ2 though, because it bored me faster than MW did, which is saying something. I just know I actually liked KZ2 for awhile and couldn't stand BFBC2 right away. @Soda - There are games with overly convoluted control schemes, but that's not what this is about. It's about the feel of the controls, and since all players in the game have to get used to that same feel then yeah it's the player not the game. OT - I agree with those who are upset about the apparent catering to the CoD heads. My problem with KZ2 had nothing to do with the controls. It was that it wasn't much different than every other FPS, except visually. The scale of MAG keeps me coming back for more. All other online "wars" are merely minor skirmishes in comparison.

finbars752597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

I absolutley agree with you.No matter how many times I put killzone 2 in after playing other games I just enjoy the controls just fine.Wonder how The COD fans are going to react to getting owned know matter how much the controls are fixed for them.Once a KIllZONE fan always a KILLZONE fan no matter how much the COD fans complain.Let the war begin and and let the best SOLDIER or HELGAST win.Oh and to Nickjkl down below guns weigh something where not holding plastic waterguns like COD.

pixelsword2597d ago

Resistance 1 was perfect, they went for the "2 guns" and cod control scheme and crapped all over what the last game was.

mastiffchild2597d ago

They REALLY want to pander to the people who didn't like the game having it's own ID? I liked KZ2 because it was a bit different but if they're going more generic then, for me, it'll lose almost anything it had that made it special. UI can't tell you how stupid and disappointing a mave I think this is. COD gamers only play other shooters between COD releases anyway so this is NO ay to bui.ld a copmmunity and they should have noticed thast last time out.

All they did by patching in controls which didn't fit the game was alienate those of us who would have stuck with them OVER MW2. Instead of making us loyal and building from there they appealed to people who simply didn't care much for the game anyway and were never staying post MW2. Idiotic and depressing as hell to see them disappear into the ranks of those games aping COD-where's our learning curve and where is our game that felt a little different? What about those who actually liked your game in the first place(and in the beta)when it felt individual? Is there going to be heavy auto aim assist? i'm NOT happy about any of this.

webeblazing2597d ago

i was no problem to me i just had to adept. all you had to do is stop when you shooting it not a run n gun that what i like about it. get behind cove pop out, stop, burst fire, move, stop burst fire, run for cover its that easy and makes since

sikbeta2597d ago

KZ3D will be Awesome no matter what, bring the COD-gamers to the Real Battlefield in KZ3D, they'll learn some lessons...

rezzah2596d ago

I dont know about you but when the majority of gamers are fine with the game's controls dont FUCKING CHANGE IT.

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claterz2597d ago

I doubt the controls will be as fast paced as cod lol, I like the controls in kz2 because it feels realistic, guns are heavy so you shouldn't be able run around like you do in most other fps games.

kneon2597d ago

That's one of the things that makes KZ 2 different, and now like so many other developers they are caving in to appeal to the masses. I was afraid this was going to happen as they have been implying such changes for a while, but now they've come out and explicitly stated it.

I understand why they are doing it but it still sucks

nickjkl2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

no the guns do not feel realistic in killzone 2

unless these guns are 75 pounds
stop making things up

B00M2597d ago

Guns do not feel like that in real life, trust me in KZ2 the gun felt about 100KG's.

kneon2597d ago

Well it's far more realistic than all those games in which guns have no weight or inertia. You have people running around with a Browning machine gun like it's made of plastic.

Find yourself a 30lb steel bar about 40inches long and try running around with it and see for yourself. I've held one and just moving side to side is slow and unstable, it has a lot of inertia.

Even a typical assault rifle is 6-10lbs and about 30 inches long. That doesn't sound like much but just try it, it's harder to handle than you would think.

B00M2597d ago

Yeah I've handled the British Army SA80 and an HK416 and it's a lot more responsive than KZ2's gun. But not quite like COD guns. Yeah I agree with you kneon, a gun like a LMG should be more like KZ2 aiming whereas a gun like a SMG should be like COD.

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UnwanteDreamz2597d ago


Either way gonna shoot some fools in the face.

talltony2597d ago

I am sure their will be a option for that classic killzone 2weight feel. Guerrilla knows some people love it while others hate it. Guerrilla is listening, dnt worry.

UnwanteDreamz2597d ago

Hope you're right.

I can't wait to hear the chirp. Leave the kill chirp GG.