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"The facade fades, and unless Realtime Worlds fixes the game’s issues with more mission variety or some non-player characters to combat, they will likely see many struggling to find an excuse to purchase their game, or to continue paying once their first 20 hours are up. "

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JamesFerguson2594d ago

I feel pretty dumb that it took me a few second to remember what "APB" stood for.

ttony1112594d ago

I had to look it up too. Strange phrase really

Caspel2594d ago

All Points Bulletin? I thought that was a common term people knew.

Veridis_Quo2594d ago

Cool review, it seems like this game isn't my type though.

lh_swe2594d ago

It looked soo promising, I had my hopes set high for this one as well.

Perhaps I'll pick it up from the bargain bin one day though.

Triggs2594d ago

...more likely than not, nobody would be playing the game online anymmore because the game would have been to boring and still costs money to play per month.

lh_swe2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

Ohh yeah, s***!

Maybe I'll find it for cheaper somewhere, and yeah the online fee is a big scare.

Flinton2594d ago

If I only had a computer that could run it!

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The story is too old to be commented.