Iwata Not Conscious of Competition from Apple or Sony

Ninteno President Iwata says he is "not conscious" of competition and he doesn't believe in spoiling other companies' ideas and plans.

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pramath16052905d ago

Well at least they aren't bad-mouthing the competition.

Game-ur2904d ago

Some copied ideas by Nintendo:

Mario Galaxy (stolen from unreleased Ape Escape, how could Miyamoto allow it)
Riding the wave of 3D
Motion gaming (no they didn’t invent it)

ExplosionSauce2904d ago

I thought Mario Galaxy had similar elements to Ratchet & Clank's moon levels.
Fun games anyway :)

ChickeyCantor2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

Then...Super mario world 2: Yoshis island already did that concept in 2D? ( Boss 5, on the moon)

And Neither did Sony or MS invent motion gaming, it goes waaaaaay back. to the Atari.
There is a difference between Pioneering and Inventing.
Not to mention its innovation on their side( not just motion gaming, but also expanding the industry)

You sound very ignorant.

ExplosionSauce2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

You mean Raphael The Raven? I love SMW2 Yoshi's Island :)
But it's highly unlikely that an entire game was based on that one boss fight for either R&C or Galaxy. Not sure about Ape Escape though, I haven't seen the newer "unreleased" game.

[About the disagrees to my previous post]
I wasn't trying to bash Galaxy, I love my Mario games. But come on, let's be more open minded. Yes, Galaxy is similar to R&C's moon levels, but the gameplay is different, of course.
Either way, they're not clones of each other or anyone, they're very different with a single thing in common. Don't all games have that?

Newtype2905d ago

I don't think they need to, that's probably why he has no problem.

lzim2905d ago

which is not to say that they shouldn't be hunting for new IP like mad men.

TheLeprachaun2905d ago

Of course he isn't. Iwata sleeps on a big pile of money.

Jack Klugman2904d ago

He will need all that rest after the marathon LOL sessions they've been having ever since Move was announced.

and he still found the time to steal Sony's thunder in 3D with the 3DS.

Silly gameAr2904d ago

"and he still found the time to steal Sony's thunder in 3D with the 3DS."

That's all that matters to guys in your camp right?

lzim2905d ago

considering his business is innovation and seeding the ideas that those others implement later on anyway.

MisterAV2904d ago

his business is putting something already existing but unusual for gaming (touch, motion controller, 3d,...) and sell it a bit overpriced counting on the fame of mario & co...

IRetrouk2905d ago

he shud, moves coming and its doing the motion shiz propa, you know, as in actually works and isnt just a bunch of gestures.

Shoko2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

The thing is, who's actually going to spend around $400 (With Move and the Camera and whatever else the bundle is coming with) just to get a SLIGHTLY better experience? What's the point of spending hundreds of dollars just to play tennis in HD? Now sure, the people who don't have a Wii will get a PS3 instead, but that's not a lot of people. Mostly everyone who's interested in motion control have a Wii already in the first place.

Therefor, no big threat.

Oh, and you imply to the Wii is just cheap gestures and not true motion controls. Well, go play Red Steel 2 and then come back to me. (And Tiger Woods PGA Tour)

IRetrouk2905d ago

2 games man, thats what you are going to shoot me down with? lmao, the move bundles is coming out a 60 pounds, thats less than the wii controller over here, pice isnt an issue

Shoko2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

I can list way more than two. It would've just made the post unnecessarily longer. But if I must:

Res Steel 2
Wii Sports Resort
Tiger Woods
Metroid Prime 3
Boom Blox
No More Heroes
No More Heroes 2
Mario Galaxy 1
Mario Galaxy 2
Zack and Wiki
Punch Out

Is there really a point of going on? All because I give just 2 examples doesn't mean that's all I got. All the games mentioned above all use motion control in smart, precise ways. You can't just waggle to win.

Lol, and for the people that disagreed, how bout you tell me what exactly I said that was wrong? You know, instead to just hitting disagree. I swear this site has some of the scariest people on the planet.

ActionBastard2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

It's naive to think that simply because the Wii exists, it can be the only successful motion controlled system. I didn't buy an HDTV to play 480p Wii games, sorry. Also, SMG 1 and 2 barely use motion - other than collecting gems, waggling it to spin and shooting collected gems. MadWorld if the definition of waggle. Punch-Out was a better experience playing with the Wiimote on its side like a gamepad, No More Heroes 1/2 - runner up to the definition of waggle. Wii Resort needs Motion Plus and even then, its use of motion is far from smart. I've left my comments to the games I own and/or played. That said, every game you listed should be owned by a Wii owner as they are great games.

*side note* I didn't disagree.

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