In-Depth: Why Was Blizzard's 'Real ID' Such An Issue?

Responses from Blizzard forum posters ranged from "this is a HORRIBLE IDEA BLIZZARD!" and "We shouldn't have to fear that we will attract stalkers," to "I love it. I have no problem with people knowing who I am based on my posts."

And after tens of thousands of replies to the measure -- the vast majority of which were opposed to the decision -- Blizzard three days later jettisoned the policy almost as abruptly as it announced it, snuffing out the experiment before it even started.

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lzim2898d ago

I appretiate whatever reason finally made them change it back because after I saw that girls would have to use their real names and it would represent identifiable 'real life' information, the point was getting people to own up to their comments.

It doesn't stop Blizzard exploring other avenues for getting people to behave on their forums and in-game. Like bannings by the community.

Godmars2902898d ago

I just didn't like, was very concerned, about one company pretty much reversing and ignoring the privacy policies that has been a major staple of the internet because they decided they could.

Sure, you had to sign up again under the new policy, but they were still doing this to a long standing online community. Telling people to either do it or get out.