Hayao Miyazaki Compares iPad Use to Masturbation

Hayao Miyazaki is the greatest animator alive. And he does not like the iPad. In an interview in the July issue of "Neppuu", the Studio Ghibli published pamphlet, the famed animator does not pull any punches when discussing the iPad, or what he calls the "game machine-type thing" that people are "stroking with strange gestures".

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Newtype2932d ago

He pretty much sums it up.

EYEamNUMBER12932d ago

Mr Miyazaki im insulted you thought i had an ipad i actually was masturbating on that train

Blacktric2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

Let's hope he won't see the Natal then.

2932d ago
iFLOWLIKEWATER2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

So he likes the iPad?

Edit: He doesn't...shame.

IdleLeeSiuLung2932d ago

That is hilarious, stroking with strange gestures!

With that said, it is ironic that we can't see his work unless we use technology. You may have your wish, but then we wouldn't know who you are!

NYPunkster2932d ago

And both are good....real good. XD

R2D22931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

I totally understand what the old dude is saying. When I start to masturbate it feels good but when I am finish I feel nothing but dissapointment.

When I first got the ipad I felt good but after I used it I felt dissapointed.

or he could mean that the ipad is as addictive as masturbation : )

Freak of Nature2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Is electricity up next on his no no list? Why is he on a train if he hates tech? He knocks technology that helped him become what he is today.... On and on it goes...

I have worked with two different artists in the past that have worked as freelancers for him in the past.And they both called him out as quite the miserable angry bastard...Along with being very cold...

And while he does have a totally different angle/vision animation-story wise,he is not the best animator...

Pretty big hypocrite too....While not directly involved,he still has his very own studio working on Nintendo DS and PS3 games....

Doing things in moderation never entered his mind...

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pinkyxyz2932d ago

It is just a big ass ipod touch, with a book reader app

2932d ago
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