Pocket-Lint: Xbox 360 S Review

Should you upgrade? It really comes down to how much you want the new box. You've probably already overcome the wireless issues and you can expand your storage options via bolt-on hard drives. You'll really be doing so to reduce the noise.

The Xbox 360 S is a great refresh and one that Microsoft should be praised for.

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TheLeprachaun2903d ago

I'll be picking one up on Friday for sure. I'm selling my old one for 120 euro,and I've already put down a 20 euro deposit on my new one, so it's only going to cost me 110euro on friday. :D

Arnon2903d ago

Glad to hear that you reserved it. It's the only possible way to get one now. They're so high in demand that it blew the roof off our top sales for our store, and we had so many trades, that we had to write a note saying "Unfinished Trades" and put them in the back due to the fact that there were too many people coming in for them.

NYPunkster2903d ago

Where's the part about the automatic coster maker?

PITTBULL832903d ago

Ive been enjoying mine since the friday after E3 2010, it really is a better machine than the other XBOX 360's. BE A GAMER NOT A HATER

Kurt Russell2903d ago

I can't bring myself to buy it yet. I am still rocking my old elite - Although it is noisy ;)

Perjoss2903d ago

Funny you say that, since we now have the option to install games my 360 elite is quieter than my ps3, and i mean much quieter. (Fact: some people will take this comment personally :P)

PITTBULL832903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

I just had to have the new one, I mean i bought the XBOX 360 20GB at launch the ELITE 120GB when it launched and now the 360S 250GB, i guess im just a fan of gaming.


EDIT......check out my profile and if you want to game........hit me up.

SoSLy2903d ago ShowReplies(2)
BeaArthur2903d ago

The old one does what I need it to do.

D4RkNIKON2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

Yeah I was thinking of getting a used arcade just to play a few single player 360 exclusives. I don't need to drop $300 on a 360s when I have a PS3.

Just checked Gamestop online and I can get a 360 arcade refurbished with wireless controller for $119 so I just might have to do that.

BeaArthur2903d ago

Well there are plenty of 360 exclusives that are worth checking out.

GiggMan2903d ago

I say do that, I think it even has a 1 year limited manufactures warranty on it (not 100% sure though). At that price it's silly not to have both consoles.

candystop2903d ago

119 is a steal even for a fanboy! Now if I could find a PS3 at that price I might just jump in as well.

logikil2903d ago

Why not just get a new one for 30 bucks more? The Arcade is only 149 and if its from the new lot, its literally just as quiet as the S (I have both so I can attest to this.) I would be more inclined to trust a new box that you can check the manufacturing date on etc then get a refurb.

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