The Top Ten Home Arcade Sticks

In the beginning, home consoles sought to bring the arcade experience to the home. A console was measured by the quality of its arcade ports. Equally important to the quality of the port was the ability of the console's controller to replicate that arcade joystick feel. Home joysticks have evolved from being the primary input source to now being niche controllers for specific genres (primarily fighting games). Arcades have been dead in America for a long time now, and that makes the quest to bring the arcade experience home all the more important. Let's count down the best home console arcade sticks of all-time, past and present.

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Newtype2959d ago

The top ones are rare, hard to come by.

joeyda2959d ago

Probably adds to their appeal.

MattG-PTB2959d ago

I have to give this article credit for the Ghostbusters 2 reference for the NES Advantage.

touch20212959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

I like turtles... And this article.

proper_kill2959d ago

I like turtles to... and your comment!

proper_kill2959d ago

I have almost no experience with arcade sticks what so ever... So, I have almost no idea what to think of this. It, pretty much, all goes right over my head.

piratesyar2958d ago

I think the best takeaway in that case is that if you're looking to pick up an arcade stick to get into all the great 2D fighters and old school games, the MadCatz sticks are the way to go right now.