NowGamer Unboxing: Xbox 360 S

The NowGamer team gets to grips with a special press bundle for the new Xbox 360, ahead of the console's UK release on Friday...

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MGRogue20172956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

I'm sticking with my Xbox 360 Elite 120GB.. There's no need to upgrade to this one. If mine gets the RROD/E74, I'll just send it off to Microsoft again for 'em to repair it

Simples :D

ReBurn2956d ago

Doesn't it remind you of how exciting is to get a new toy? I love getting stuff home and unpacking it!

Wikkid6662956d ago

YES... I love it getting new toys!

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DelbertGrady2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Can't wait to do that on friday when mine arrives. Now I just need to sell my Elite and my older Premium before 'nobody' wants them.

Still, a bit sh*t that you don't get a hdmi cable. Should be in there.

avengers19782956d ago

Why would you buy a third 360 if 2 others are working fine... You and people like you are the only reason MS has sold 40 million 360 and not 20 million. They should send you a free game or year of xbl gold or something for your loyalty.

ReBurn2956d ago

It's the same reason that existing Wii owners picked up a black Wii or existing fat PS3 owners picked up the resdesigned Slim model. Some people just like having the latest and greatest.

Dread2956d ago

sony peeps do the same thing.

In fact it was Sony who started this slim trend, and it was successful because people bought a second playstation.
Its poeple like that are the only reason Sony has sold so many consoles.

etownone2956d ago

i understand how your trying to be a fanboy with that statement but...

Since SODA said he is selling his other two Xbox"s, doesnt that mean that there will be "new" Xbox owners (even though they are used)

logikil2956d ago

People buying redesigned systems is nothing new and happens with all consoles. As for Sony starting the slim trend, thats not correct. System redesigns have been happening for quite a bit before Sony became involved in consoles.

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van-essa2956d ago

I've been waiting 3 weeks for this. I sold my PS3 Slim for this.

Folezicle2956d ago

Go, I don't know if the SonySoldiers can take that.

richierich2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Im getting mine on Friday I traded my Elite to Gamestop for a discount I cant wait

Boody-Bandit2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

What does Gamestop give for trade in on original 360 units?

I am trying to resist getting a new model S and most likely will not get one because I currently own 5 of them and don't want to have to put my XBL account on a USB stick. Every time I see one of these articles I get the urge to go out and pick one up and the temptation is getting harder to deny. I must resist. I must resist. I told the wifey after my last 360 purchase (8th) I wont purchase another. We have a standing bet that I wont last 3 months.

I will probably wait until the holidays because you just know there will either be a price drop or a hard to pass up bundle deal for a great price.

DuneBuggy2956d ago

They will only give you about $60 for the 360 itself now.It was $100 during the promotion.
I got $100 for the 360,$30 for the 20G HD,and 5 bucks for the headset.
The only drawback was they called me the last day of it and informed me I had to turn my old one in EARLY to still get it.So I went a week and a half without a 360.

logikil2956d ago

If you are lucky enough to catch a gamestop that still has systems in stock you can still take advantage of the trade in promotion. Had a friend of mine that lived near a store here in CO that had some extra after the preorders and was able to bring all his stuff in with him and still get the deal. So best suggestion is to call the stores around you, particularly if you have a decent relationship with the staff, to call you in when they get their next shipment. If it happens before the 17th or 18th then they have to honor the previous promotion.

Boody-Bandit2956d ago

Thx for the info DB n Logi

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