Gray Matter Confirmed for October; Retail Release to Include Soundtrack

Gray Matter, the forthcoming game written by adventure gaming queen Jane Jensen, will now be accompanied by an extravagant soundtrack. Along with the music composed by Robert Holmes there will be a soundtrack that will make Gray Matter a unique experience from a tonal standpoint.

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callahan092901d ago

Can't wait for this game.

Love all of her titles from the past, it's been so long since she's released a new one. Gabriel Knight remains one of my favorite adventure series' ever. I'm getting this on PC.

kevco332901d ago

I've never played one of her games before, but got really exicted by this for some reason so looked her up. Some of her stuff has a propr hardcore following...

JsonHenry2901d ago

A must buy for me. And of course this is gonna be a PC purchase.

Acquiescence2901d ago

I love my point 'n' click adventure games, but I don't like playing stuff on the PC. So this game presents that rare oppurtunity to play one on my console. Just a shame it's not coming out on the PS3 aswell.

2901d ago
Game-ur2901d ago

Me and my brother loved the first GK, its right up there with grim fandango in my book, tried to get into the other sequels but was disoriented by the changes, guess I was too young and not savvy enough to cope.
This new game came out of the blue for me, can't wait to try it out, hope I find the same level of mature storytelling.

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