Patcher Thinks the 3DS Will be the Last Cartridge Based Nintendo Handheld

Patcher thinks handhelds will move away from cartridges pretty soon.

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pramath16053081d ago

I honestly dont see this ever happening. People won't stand for a download only system, as the PSP Go has proven only too well, and optical media simply arent suited to a portable system. I'm guessing cartridge technology will get cheaper and still more efficient as the years go by, causing cartridges to keep apace with advances in optical formats.

reload443081d ago

all media is relevant but digital download only

pramath16053081d ago

True, but I have a hard time seeing optical discs being actually suited to handheld gaming anytime soon. But maybe that's just me. *shruugs*

Danteh3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

Patcher is an utter failure again... it has been proved that what people want for their portable systems are cartridges: they are very resistant, easy to use, can't be scratched, etc.

Yeah optical media is superior but only for home systems with games that don't fall at the floor or get crushed in your backpack

And digital download isn't going anywhere, everybody (including me) wants to "physically" have their games, it's much more satisfying to admire all your collection :D

reload443081d ago

why is the guy predicting distant future?
is he struggle to predict the near future?

SpoonyRedMage3081d ago

Nintendo is working on holographic storage so I actually doubt it.

ChickeyCantor3081d ago

Not only that, cartridges are way faster than current optical storage devices.

jay23081d ago

No it won't for at least 10 years.

e-p-ayeaH3081d ago

Its possible IF Nintendo thinks that way

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The story is too old to be commented.