Pixar: World of Warcraft & Diablo 'just as popular' as Shrek & Toy Story

Pixar's technical director Andrew Dayton has said that he believes some video game franchises have the potential to grow "as big, if not larger, than some of the film franchises", saying that World of Warcraft and Diablo are "just as popular" as films like Shrek and Toy Story.

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reload443079d ago

personally i like Ice Age more than Toy Story or Shrek

btw, i remember Diablo on PS1 it was quite a good game

ironfist923079d ago

Pixar, Dreamworks and Blue Sky Studios ay? 3 Top notch 3d animated kids film studios, not to mention sony animation and others aswell.

But realistically, my own grandparents know more bout shrek/toy story than Wow/Diablows

Cevapi883078d ago

seeing as how WoW is getting its own movie, it only strengthens the argument that such games are on their way to becoming more mainstream...i personally would have liked a diablo movie....i feel WoW will be a LoTR clone when it comes out

chak_3078d ago

diablo movie?

seeing a dude smashing mob for an hour and a half? :D

Quagmire3078d ago

Mr T better be in it.


Perjoss3078d ago

1 great thing about WoW is its not really supposed to be taken seriously, like orc and elves doing dance moves that belong to MC Hammer and Micheal Jackson, its like LotR but with a humor twist to it, i hope they capture that element of humor in the film.

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GrilledCheeseBook3078d ago

warcraft has an interesting universe
i like starcrafts universe more and I think it would do for a better movie but warcraft is fine as long as they don't try and shove as many of the storylines in one. They should just do warcraft 3 burning legion invades and Arthas going all Death Knight to set up the possible second movie

cool cole3078d ago

Too bad Toy Story is better than both World of Warcraft and Diablo.

Spenok3077d ago

Diablo movie FTW! That would be quite epic imo.