Boy runs away from home after parents take away World of Warcraft

A 12-year-old boy from California reportedly ran away from home after his parents took away his World of Warcraft video game. "We were so worried about him. We couldn't find him anywhere," said mother Dorothy Rollins about her son's disappearance. "We called everyone, our neighbors, his friends. Nobody had a clue about where he could be," she said. According to Stanton Weekly, the parents of 12-year-old Damien Rollins decided to take away his World of Warcraft video game after they say he became addicted to it. That night, the 12-year-old apparently left his room and vanished.

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SuperSaiyan43951d ago

I have yet to see anyone in Europe either kill or runaway over this game...

Surely KIDS shouldnt even be on this game...

eclipsegryph3951d ago

Don't pull that "Only In America" knee-jerk reaction. Plenty of other countries go through this disturbing stuff. Take a look at Korea, for instance.

OutLaw3951d ago

It's not only in America. Here is news from the U.K

Teenage boy murdered his brother as revenge when his Xbox was taken away

Wile3951d ago

What kind of ignorant stereotyping is this.

Good post Outlaw. Bubble for you.

Devilbringer3951d ago

who the heck approved this:S

anyway dont let 12 years old play world of warcraft. its like feeding them posion. they slowly move away from the real world. everyday he says. only one more hour mom! and then its 23 hours a day. mom gets worried trying to protect him from this posion. but its to late the kid has gone over to the dark side. only time will tell when he will return. from its Madness!

PS360WII3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

Well I'd run away too I mean it's a game! Can't the parents understand that we NEED this game to live and that if taken away we'll all slowly die!! This could mean the end of the world... of Warcraft.

alright that kids got issues though time to buy a basketball or something.

"Are you going to go outside and throw the ball around or are you going to sit in front of your computer and do something that matters?"

vewsfraba3951d ago

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Figboy3951d ago

my mom would have [email protected]

and *STILL taken away World of Warcraft.

hell, i'm 28, and i'm sure my mom would still pop me one.

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