National Stores Return Xbox 360 Stocks

The newly redesigned Xbox 360 console, revealed at Microsoft's Pre-E3 2010 Press Conference, is set to officially launch in the UK this Friday, July 16th 2010, and while a number of retail outlets currently hold early stocks, many large and independent retailers will not receive their supply until later this week. With the launch of the redesign priced at a recommended retail price (RRP) of £199.99, many had anticipated a price-cut on the earlier models, most notably the Xbox 360 Elite, also currently offered with an RRP of £199.99. However, that may not be the case, as Electronic Theatre has received word that many national retail outlets are simply replacing their existing inventory of Xbox 360 hardware with the redesigned system.

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tinybigman2990d ago

And those who make stupid comments like yours are fanboys and idiots too.

XactGamer2990d ago

reload44 on this site your in trouble if you say anything with 3 and your bubbles are gone before you get to the 60.

moparful992990d ago

There's a reason you only have 1 bubble.. Wonder why that is?

4D2990d ago

The reason he only has one bubble is because he isn't some Sony Sausage Smuggler like 95% of N4G. Oh damn there goes another bubble...

radphil2990d ago


You're just asking for trouble if you just instigate like that.

thewhoopimen2990d ago

Question: Will Microsoft have to redact their numbers since they use 'units shipped'? Or will they count it twice since it's shipped out and now it's shipping back? /s

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Chaostar2990d ago

In before the fanbo... aw crap.

OT: I don't see how they are going to clear old stock if they don't reduce the prices, they will eventually then a few more people can invest.

Why all the hate people?

edhe2990d ago

Already seen an arcade at £100 new.

The hate is ps3defensive. Low priced clearouts plus shiny new thing means there will be a bump in 360 sales and slow down the "ps3 rules the world" thing they seem to want.

Can't have good things without people moaning and pissing about since they can't have them too.

Chaostar2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

You do know that saying one group of fanboys is responsible for ALL the hate around here makes you look like a fanboy yourself...

*reads comment history*

...oh I see.

@masterofpwnage Exactly :)

masterofpwnage2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Is funny how you say is ps3 fanboys
but when you look at hackers, which console is he bashing.

360 fanboys loves to ignore the 360 fanboys, but when it comes to ps3 fans they bitch and moan.

I also love it when they think that ps3 fanboys are the worst, but the truth they are both the same

dizzleK2990d ago

no, the ps3 fanboys here are far worse. it's "small man with a big chip on his shoulder" syndrome. its not 360 fanboys sending me "haha x metascore" messages no matter what ps3 game i've expressed enjoyment of. why not be an asshole? unless you fellate sony youre gonna get bubbled down no matter what you say so might as well hit for maximum damage.

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On N4G. 360 fanboys are a very small minority. PS3 fanboys are an overwhelming majority. You can't compare the two.

Fanboys suck from both sides but bottom line is this site is overrun with the SDF.

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Wouldn't it be great if you guys could discuss the article and not go into EVERY.SINGLE.STORY to argue about which fanboys are worse and why the OTHER console sucks? I don't know why you all argue over who the problem is. All of you are the problem. Damnit.

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For every one Hacker there is 5-10 dickers like A7mad-92, Sneak-Out, J-Smith, krisprolls, etc, etc.

if you can't see that then you are blind.

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Counter Strike2990d ago

Great to See a Machine with Almost 5 years doing so great!

radphil2990d ago

Let's wait another 5 and then people can cheer. :p

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