How to Swap Out and Upgrade a PS3 Hard Drive

The stock 20GB or 60GB PS3 hard drive not enough storage for your massive saved game and video archive? Here's the simplest guide on the net on how to upgrade your PS3 hard drive. It's easier than you think.

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MaximusPrime3767d ago

.. i probably need to upgrade my HDD if i go over the limit.

DiLeCtioN3767d ago

but i still have loads more space to fill

Bolts3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

No need to pay for overpriced MS HDDs. Any SATA laptop drives will do. Too bad I can't take out the GPU and plug in a 8800 GTX for DX 10 capabilties :)

redmamoth3767d ago

... a trump card up sony's sleave. The possibility's are endless, and without the need to release new SKU's.

Shadow Flare3767d ago

because i want to install a new hard-drive into my ps3. But does anyone know what the largest hard-drive you can install into it is? I've seen a 300gb one before but that seems to be as mythical as the unicorn...i'd appreciate the help if anyones done this before or knows about it

With the music/movie/psone and ps3 game downloads that are a coming, i need a bigger hardrive. And i'll be using quite a lot for LittleBigPlanet too

By the way, there are loads of videos on youtube that show how to change a ps3 harddrive

Real Gambler3767d ago

And you won't see too many laptops with 300 gig drive. Since they are smaller and drawing less power, capacity is not up to the 3.5" drive you'll find in today's desktop pc.

Currently, 160gig are common, and you can likely stay tuned for 200 and 250 gig shortly. My guess is that you'll have to wait for a 300gig. Keep in mind that they are also more expensive than your typical 3.5" drive too...

AdmiralX3767d ago

I found a 120GB one on new-egg and I think I paid 87$ It worked great. I was looking at a bigger one 160GB I think but at the time it was 150$ It was easy to change it and I used a 4GB flash drive to save all the gamesaves on while changing it. The I went back onto PSN and went to my history and re-downloaded all my downloads. Took some time to get it all done but now I have so much stuff on my PS3 and I still have 87 GB left. One not: when you look at the space avalible it may read less then what youo put in. This is not an error. the way the PS3 reads the drive is different. Mine read 111GB but there was 120 GB there. Any questions shhot me an email!

Hatchetforce3767d ago

I dropped a 250GB WD in mine. Remember, it is a laptop HDD.

There is a way to use an internal Desktop SATA but it involve putting it in an external case and mounting the drive external to your PS3. Still, it gets you a TB of space.

Shadow Flare3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

thanks alot for the help guys, i've given you all bubbles

Here's a link to that 300gb HDD i meant:

I'll see what i can find, i'll probably be looking at around the 200gb or sub-200gb mark. I can imagine myself saving alot of stuff

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The story is too old to be commented.