What keeps people playing and paying for World of Warcraft?

Helium: In a world where people are unemployed, there is a place where they can hold two professions. In that place, the economy isn't failing, in fact, it's booming. No scandals rock the front pages because there are no papers. And though this place is engaged in what seems to be a never-ending war, the good deeds of local citizens inspire a pride that steadily erodes the prevailing culture of fear.

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chak_2904d ago

addiction? virtual friends? just like alchool, tobacco and such

Darkfiber2904d ago

Yeah, pretty much that. Pretty much the only ones playing now are failing college students and lonely pathetic housewives who hate their lives and want to escape into a fantasy world with a knight in shining armor (who is probably some 400 pound sack of shit half their age, masturbating to her night elf)