The best Wii games

Helium: Nintendo struck virtual gold when it released its Wii console back in 2006. Sporting a unique motion-controller the Wii has seen phenomenal sales worldwide. A console is nothing without decent software to play on it. The Wii is not lacking when it comes to fantastic titles either.

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Venox20082753d ago

Madworld, Okami, Punch out, Excitebots, Fatal Frame 4, Silent Hill SM and more more more :)

Samus HD2752d ago

is Fatal Frame 4 released is USA or europe

ebgeer2752d ago

This includes lots of older games..but nothin new...and not many 3rd party...waste of time.

lil boy blue2752d ago

this list is out dated. where are game like mh3 and galaxy 2

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