Midway still "concerned" over PlayStation 3 sales

Midway's CEO David Zucker has told that he's still concerned about sales of the PlayStation 3, but thinks the recently announced USD 100 price cut will certainly help the console in the short term.

However, worries over the uptake of the PS3 aren't enough to put Midway off supporting the luxury console, with Unreal Tournament 3 exclusive to the machine this year, and forthcoming action game Stranglehold set to feature a full-length movie on the Blu-ray game disc.

"We would not be the only publisher to tell you that we're a little concerned about the take-up of the PS3," said Zucker, in an interview published today.

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SuperSaiyan43976d ago

To say anything of the sort? Last time I checked they weren't doing so well themselves!

They constantly release games that are rubbish and are EXTREMELY lucky that they hold the publishing rights to Unreal Tournament 3 and I mean EXTREMELY LUCKY.

Stranglehold well not soo sure about that game to be honest.

Other than that Midway themselves have yet to prove they can make decent games so ZUCKER (what a name eh? lol) should be more concerned over Midways financial situation rather than a company like Sony.

Zhuk3976d ago

well he's just being honest, everyone is worried about how the PS3 is doing atm, nobody thinks it's doing great or as well as it should.

MACHone3976d ago (Edited 3976d ago )

I'll tell you what really hurt the PlayStation 3. It wasn't the original $600 price tag. It was the fact that the Xbox 360 got a year head-start on it. When the Xbox 360 first came out, it was amazing, so everyone who wanted a next-gen gaming experience went out and got one. Then, a year later, the PS3 comes out. Now, despite obvious differences, the Xbox 360 and PS3 are very similar consoles, especially software-wise. So if someone already owns a 360 and can play half the same games as they could a PS3 (third-party titles, etc.), why then would they feel like they need to spend an extra $600 bucks to get a machine that does pretty much the same stuff as what they already have? Sony, you wanna fix your problem? It's all gonna come down to exclusives! The only thing that's gonna make Xbox 360 early-adopters buy a PS3 as well are extremely impressive first-party and exclusive titles, which the PS3 is sorely lacking right now. I have faith, though -- a lot of great games are on the way. The sooner the better, though.

Jeremy Gerard3976d ago (Edited 3976d ago )

Sony needs to get more cozy with western developers, the Japanese have fallen off big time in the game development department, they simply are not making games at the level of quality as western developers. Westerners and not just Americans but most westerners are not into heroic toddlers, gay looking teenagers, and bi curious old men who sneak around hiding in barrows and fondling statues. These things do not appeal to westerners and these are the little things they seem to think does. Most of what they do has been done a dozen times see FF series. Innovation is more of a priority in the west, sony needs to open up to western developers.

Mass Effect, Alan Wake, Bio Shock, all innovative, all western.

DrWan3976d ago

I hope you don't speak for all the "Westerners", because just America alone is not a homogenous white population, there are other people in the mix with their own unique cultural background, i am sure the same is true for other parts of the world.

I for one would like to see these strange games make it across the shore, would you say that westerners are not into stupid games that use the "Wiimote" and swing around? well, you are extremely wrong. There is a market, it just takes some good ad campaign and PR to educate people. Last time i checked, people don't even know what the BluRay is, alot of education is needed.

They also should tout their DLNA capability and show-case the PSP/PS3 connectivity data exchange ability, show them how they can see a movie, listen to music on their PS3 from miles away from home.

THE_JUDGE3976d ago

How about you take Bill Gates c*ck out of your mouth and never refer to MGS like that again. Your mentioning games for only the 360 that aren't even out yet so please shut up. How can you possibly say that a game is innovative if its not even freaking out. You need to grow up and realize that there are more people in the world than those that live in your suburb and go to your high school. Sony has the largest internal studios with a dozen in the US and Europe, and their studios are double the size of Nintendo and Microsoft. FF and MGS sell millions WORLD WIDE and they're 3rd party! Microsoft is making money in America, Sony is making it all over the world and they have studio all over the world also. What doesn't appeal to you may appeal to someone else somewhere else in the world. Stop talking and don't breed, your ignorance is a disease.

game-over3976d ago

go back to 600 dollars after the 60 gig skus run out and are replaced by the 80gig? And isnt the 80 gig when it replaces 60gig supposed to come with a game @ 600 dollars?

genix133976d ago

however, when they announced that they'd redesign their pricing strategy once the 60gig stock is out. Probably meaning theat they'll lower the price of the 80gig to $500 though they'll probably keep the bundle at $600 or so

Bathyj3976d ago

Well theres nothing like releasing some games to get people to buy a console. No point complaining when you've done nothing to help the situation.

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