A.V. Club: N3II: Ninety-Nine Nights Review

A.V. Club writes: "Last month at E3, Ninety-Nine Nights II producer Tak Fujii boasted about his game so hyperbolically that he quickly leaped from reciting marketing bullet points to just regaling the press with a fish story. Not that anyone believed Fujii’s new game contains “a million” new features, but the disparity between what Fujii thinks his audience wants and what they actually want became glaringly awkward in a moment that Mindy Kaling could’ve dreamt up: Fujii gushed that players can battle against more than 1 million troops, and he had to repeat this figure three times before he was obliged with a scattered round of polite applause. Fujii sarcastically shouted, “I love you guys!” Then he assured everyone that N3II isn’t your ordinary hack-and-slash title—it’s an extreme hack-and-slash title."

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