Wii Firmware Update 4.3 is out… blocks Homebrew Channel

Nintendo has released a new firmware update for Wii that brings the system menu to 4.3U. As of now, the only thing known that it does is remove the Homebrew Channel.

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2597d ago
Spenok2597d ago

Of course it wont, what do you know that has lasted long against hackers? Other then the PS3 of course.

G4drake2596d ago

and....done, waninkoko update 4.3 is out.

ONYX7372597d ago

My Wii is modded just cause I don't feel like putting a disk in anytime I have other people over to play so I backed up my games on a spare usb hdd

pimpmaster2597d ago

yea that apart from playing games for free ;)

Theonik2597d ago

Emulators. That's what to use it for. :P

multipayer2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

How appropriate for its 4:3 aspect ratio!(yea, i know alot of games are still widescreen) Lol, standard definition.

Sagetech2597d ago

Last time they blocked this with an update it was hacked by the same night it released.

xX TriiCKy Xx2597d ago

It was hacked the night it was released. 4.3 I mean.

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The story is too old to be commented.