New “Chaotic” Vanquish Screenshots; Guaranteed to Excite You

Following the announcement of Vanquish’s release date, Sega released more screenshots that is sure to make everyone excited.

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MightyMark4272905d ago

Now, we just have to wait until October 5th to get it!

Bereaver2905d ago

To some points, this game looks awesome, but sometimes.... I get this feeling it's gonna be like Terminator.... just going down a straight path ducking behind stuff and moving forward.

I hope they make it kinda like that mech game that used to be in the arcade. If anyone remembers it.

MightyMark4272905d ago

Yep, it does look awesome. Hopefully it lives up to the expectation.

dgroundwater2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

It's safe to say the game will be linear. Have you seen the craziness of the combat? It would be way too overwhelming if they threw branching paths and huge open areas at you.

LOL at the emblem by the way. Is that "United States of 'the' America" an engrish translation?

DelbertGrady2905d ago

As long as the level design is good I don't mind if it's linear. Linear gameplay isn't necessarily a bad thing. Not in my opinion at least. In games like Bayonetta, Devil May Cry, God of War etc I think it helps keep the action and pacing of the game tight.

ShadyDevil2905d ago

Game smells of fail. However, I will try anything once.

Spenok2905d ago

After the awesomeness that was Bayonetta, they deserve more respect then that. I know you said you will give it a chance, but come on.

guzman2905d ago

Shadydevil: The only thing that smells of fail are your crap posts. Do humanity a favor and toss yourself off of a bridge, mutt.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2905d ago

looks like he's dancing in PS Home.

ClownBelt2905d ago

"Guaranteed to Excite You"

Well it didn't mader peker.

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