EVO 2010 Announced For Japan In September

TGH Writes:
"Some more announcements are coming through from EVO 2010 in Las Vegas. As a collabaration between EVO and GodsGarden EVO 2010 Championships are finally making their way to Japan"

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MightyMark4273080d ago

Coool. It's about time for Japan to get the things we get

ShadyDevil3080d ago

Usually its the other way around, Yakuza, WKC..etc.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3080d ago

But I WILL be watching in September. Where to stream?

Optical_Matrix3080d ago

I'll be attending this then. I go to Japan on September 10th. Along with TGS, this will make for my most exciting trip to the country ever. I wonder how many international players will show up. I want to see JW get dealt with by Japanese national players that aren't Daigo.

Brazil3080d ago

I'm sure you'll also enjoy Super Battle Opera/Tougeki since it's going to be a part of TGS this year. Quite a trip you have ahead of yourself.

3080d ago