3DS Is The Next Step To Better Digital Distribution For Nintendo

Siliconera: "The digital content business isn’t one of Nintendo’s stronger points. While a number of great games exist on WiiWare, the company hasn’t been very successful at instilling a habit of checking the online Wii and DSi shopping channels in the majority of its customers.

The most significant hurdle in this regard has been communicating to users when new digital content is available. One of the reasons behind this, according to Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata, is a lack of effort on Nintendo’s part, and a consequent failure to realize the potential of these channels on the part of third-parties.

This is something Nintendo kept in mind while developing the Nintendo 3DS."

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Fierce Musashi2905d ago

Really? Then I can't wait to see what's in store for their next home console.

trounbyfire2905d ago

funny how the psp go goes that way and is hated yet the ds could and be loved.

by the way while everyone loves the 3d on the 3ds and make fun of glasses you should think.

those glasses allow you to be in the 3d world having things go pass you and its like virtual reality. you are in the game

the 3ds is like a 2D hologram. it comes out and goes in but you are not surrounded by the game you are basically looking at a projection of the game

so why everyone want to complain about having glasses on you would get a better experience and with surround sound