Tekken and Street Fighter Producers on Stage Together. Possible Namco vs. Capcom Fighting Game?

Original Gamer: "At the biggest fighting game tournament in the world, Evo 2010, an epic moment was captured when Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada was on stage with Street Fighter 4 producer Yoshinori Ono. In some light ribbing of one another, Harada remarked on how Ono had shown up to Evo so late, and how Ono was hyping an announcement for the following event, the San Diego Comic Con."

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RockmanII72902d ago

Ono announced a Dark Void Sequel too.

FiftyFourPointTwo2902d ago

Remember guys, weeks ago there was a rumor about a SF VS Tekken game. Ono said in two weeks there will be a new project announced so that may be it.

RyuShinji2902d ago

yey! YeY! friggin!... yey!!

harlem_v12902d ago

I knew it was going to be a big one. Can't wait for it to be official.

Ugly Bob2902d ago

That would be epic!

I want to see to see Sophitia VS Chun-Li!

The question is though:

Would the game be more like Capcom VS SNK or more like SNK VS Capcom?

harlem_v12902d ago

I think the bigger question is whether it would be 2d or 3d.

Spenok2902d ago

Well looking at how SF went 3D in a 2D plane, as is the new Mortal Kombat, AND Marvel VS. Capcom 3. I'm pretty sure they would go with something along those lines.

GamingBuddha092902d ago

man ono has been hanging around kojima lol announcing an announcement cant wait to hear what hes been working on

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The story is too old to be commented.