Is the PlayStation 3 a good Investment?

Here we will find out if the PlayStation 3 is worth its money.

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deadreckoning6663074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

Here they come....

EDIT: Suprised that Home wasn't mentioned. Its actually really good now. Everythings faster and more streamlined.

Tony-A3074d ago

It was mentioned. Under "Virtual Community".

blitz06233074d ago

Well it's definitely one of the best investments I made.

TEFL0N_D0N_813074d ago

To me, the 60gb model was not worth the $500+ price tag. That shit yellow bricked on me twice. The PS3 slim however, for $299 is very well worth the money.

Conloles3074d ago

PC: It only does everything (unlike the PS3 claims).

EXID3074d ago

say what you want, but i've gone through more computers than i have consoles. not only that, you get what you pay for when it comes to pc's. regardless of what you say, you can't buy a pc that can deliver triple-a console-quality titles for $300.

Uzesgelen_Goo3074d ago

i bought mine at 600$ launch day and still working :)

shoddy3074d ago

They say couple year old pc can run most games max and don't need to upgrade. But can you run dx11 games max?
The problem with pc games is it evolve beyond the hardware too quickly.

PC games isn't popular cause the majority of people don't know how to build thier own PC.

Biggest3074d ago

Conloles, can you wake me up when Uncharted 2, or any of the other PS3 exclusives get released for the PS3? Thanks, bro.

Biggest3074d ago

That's embarrassing. I tried to be funny and screwed it up. Totally meant Uncharted 2 on PC.

vsr3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

It is the only console that gives "Value for Money". Too bad uneducated / brainwashed zombies buy other SUBHD consoles.

Name a PC that gives consumer satisfaction & VARIETY OF GAMES for 10 years

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Joule3074d ago

Blu-Ray, internet, (great)games, free communication(video/text),etc, etc...

It only does everything.

T9X693074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

Except this

So if I was to say.


It only does everything.

You would agree with me?

I'll try that on a Xbox article, and we will see how well that goes :)

EDIT: lol actually I was being serious, I'm going to post that and see what happens.

Tony-A3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

There's a reason why we have hyperbole's and understatements.

It's not "It Literally Does EVERYTHING" and there's a reason for it.

Attempting To Be A Smartass...... pending.....pending.....


@above - Yeah, why not? Oh, I get it! You're doing the old "well, what if the tables were turned" trick. Nice try, bro. Am I literally supposed to jump on top of my Xbox 360 or what?

Jump In. "No, I'll break it!"

Nice try, broski.

EDIT 2: Do it up, bro. Seriously, I wanna see it. lol

Joule3074d ago

Hey T9x69 can you watch this movie...

wait maybe they have it on HD-DVD, oh wait...

TheTeam063074d ago

If every tagline was literal, I'd be stuck trying to fit into my 360's disc drive while my PS3 just watches and laughes. Cuz, you know, it can do everything.

"Oh, it does everything... EXCEPT THIS, MUAHAHAHA!"

Oh man, what has this world come to. hahaha

SniperJDC3074d ago

Yea it is, my ps3 makes me sleep better during the night

3074d ago
Snakefist303074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

Tat T9 is an idiot and yet he called other people idiot.He thinks tat he knows everything better than everyone else.Wat a loser Try make 360 better than ps3 is also an idiotic act.

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FACTUAL evidence3074d ago

a good investment. Especially with the games...has most of the best games this gen BTW...more than a good investment, it's a steal!

Gran Touring3074d ago

I got mine when it was $600, and since then it has certainly justified itself.

A product is only as expensive as much as it isn't used.

knightdarkbox3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

Funnily enough I buy games systems to play games, not to make an investment. What is that article/your post trying to say? "Buy a PS3 because its a sound investment, never mind the games it offers you should get it because uselles crap blu ray and wifi?.

SoSLy3074d ago

I think the writer is saying that the PS3 has a great value for it's worth...

MysticStrummer3074d ago

Evidently you also buy game systems to repeatedly pay for the right to use code that was already in the game you paid for, and on a peer to peer connection. Smart move.

Imperator3074d ago

Obviously. The reason why anyone would buy any other console is becuase they either really love Halo or they're just uninformed. Most are just uninformed.

SOAD3074d ago

I really love Halo, lol.

To add on to what you said, I think that Microsoft understands that multiplayer games are a must. And when a person is considering buying a console, he's going to see how many of his friends have either console. Just yesterday a friend of mine who vowed to never buy a console told me that he's going to get one in 2 weeks. He's not uninformed about the consoles. He knows which one has the better tech and the most exclusives, but most of his friends have only 360s and I'm the only one who had a PS3 amongst us.

So I told him that if he's looking to play mutliplayer with friends, a 360 is a better option, and he knows it.

ImmortalLegend3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

Exactly, I think you should pick the console that most of your friends have. Take it from someone that used to have both systems and my 360 got more playing time simply because that's what most of my friends were playing. The PS3 is a powerhouse for sure, but it's no fun without anyone to play with.

MysticStrummer3074d ago

Funny, but it's the exact opposite in my reality. The only people I know who have a 360 now are my two little brothers, who co-own one that's never been on XBL and hasn't been turned on since Gears of War 2. Every single one of my friends who had a 360 no longer has one. They all have PS3s and all say that XBL isn't worth paying for. My two little brothers each have a PS3 by the way.

n4gno3074d ago

Soad/immortal, people have to know that you can have new friends in less than a week on each consoles, multiplayer is also perfect on ps3.

you d' better try to convince others pour xbox players to buy the better hardware/exclusives than force your poor friend to buy an xbox to play with them.

ImmortalLegend3074d ago

I honestly don't know why MysticStrummer is getting more agrees than I am. I didn't bash the PS3 in any what's the problem? Seriously, grow up.

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Donny3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

the author is the one to blame, he knows this is pure flaimbait.and a personal question to him. IF THE PS3 IS NOT A GOOD INVESTMENT...WHAT IS?

and to T9X69... is the 360 a good investment in your opinion? or is it that you do not like new technology and moving forward?

N4g_null3074d ago

Obviously something that makes you money like say a skill.

No one thinks gaming is an investment. Entertainment isn't an investment.

Actualy saying that makes it sound expensive. Plus really bad salesmen use that talk.

The friend thing makes more sense though.

ImmortalLegend3074d ago

Blu-ray alone makes it a pretty good investment.

PSfan093074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

it only does everything baby, only does everything

TheLastGuardian3074d ago

then it's the best investment you can make right now because it has the best exclusive lineup and it's the only console out there that is future proof and it has fucking blu ray.

tinybigman3074d ago

YES. i hate these stupid articles; what is this like the millionth article about this crap for all systems?

r1sh123074d ago

yep, just try and get a bundle from the store where you buy it.
I got 2 blu ray films, extra controller and blu ray remote.
definately worth it

sikbeta3074d ago

Is the PlayStation 3 a good Investment?


commodore643074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

Sony has been manufacturing the PS3 at a loss for the last four years.
Even the high priced $599 launch units were sold at a loss.
This pattern of selling ps3s at a loss has produced $5 billion in losses to date. Distributed over the approx. 35 millon ps3s installed, this is a monumental loss of about $140 per ps3 unit sold.

Wait.. so, Sony has taken an average $140 loss per ps3 sold?
There can be NO doubt that Sony has fallen over themselves to get this item into the homes of consumers.

The ps3 is a fabulous investment of technology for the average consumer.
Sony has, with every ps3 sold, included $140 of extra investment value, taking the loss on the chin, like a champion.

Who wins? Consumers, of course.
Who loses? Sony shareholders, but who cares, right?

What's a little annoying though, is that along with a decrease in price, in time, has come a reduction in features.
Backwards compatibility has gone the way of the dodo and it's probably best not to mention Linux and the ill-fated 'home' debacle'.

IMO, the best value of all is a 80gb or 60 gb launch unit with backwards compatibility. Pick one of those up secondhand for a good price and you have a sweetest sweet deal of all the sweet deals in the sweet universe, as long as it don't YLOD.

Scotland-The-Brave3074d ago

lol microsoft lost billions on the RROD, E74 and will soon lose more on RLOD

DARKrage343074d ago

Loved the PS1 and PS2. Even though the press ripped apart the console at Launch, I figured it'd be a good investment like its predecessor. Now I can laugh at all my friends who recently have wanted to buy a PS3.

SaberEdge3073d ago

YES! It is a great investment. I don't know of any other electronics device that gives you more bang for your buck.

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tunaks13074d ago

what kind of question is this.
Any console at this point is a good investment.

-Alpha3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

The article is complete crap: Poor spelling, highly unprofessional, and asks such a lazy question to create such a lazy article to get lazy hits. Not to mention that the answer is painfully obvious. How many times are we going to see a "Is the PS3 worth it/Why the PS3 is worth it" article?

It's just lazy writing. So sad that this got approved, goes to show you how poor the screening process is.

DaReapa3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

Ha ha...screening process? What screening process!!?? It's pathetic how sad this trend of flamebait "journalism" has gotten as of late on this site. Almost makes it unbearable to visit.

N4BmpS3074d ago

Even the word "lazy" seems like an understatement for this article. And if he's going to create a list of things a gaming console has maybe he should include...I don't know...the games in it's library.

raWfodog3074d ago

You're right. Stupid question and article.

SOAD3074d ago

I hope this article doesn't get approved. I can assure the writers of said article that most people on this site will agree that the PS3 is a good investment. I'm also sure I've read this article or some derivative of it at some point not too long ago. We don't need the same article being written and approved over and over again.

ZeroX98763074d ago

um, hell YEAH!!!
easy question, easy answer

Guitardr853074d ago

Depending on how you use it yes...I use my PS3 for everything: wireless video streaming to my tv via PC, wireless netflix, blu-ray, games, music, file storage, etc....

Regardless of other equally valuable items in the market now, yes the PS3 is worth it as are many other things as well!