Better Than Boobs: Cosplay Spotlight #5

Stephanie Gutowski/Ripten: I’m only just now coming to accept the latest additions to the Street Fighter character roster, but I’m happy to say that I’ve learned to embrace them. As far as fighting games are concerned, I’m more of a Soul Calibur kind of girl, but I have a profound respect for the Street Fighter franchise. I also have that same respect for the men and woman who take the time and effort to recreate those costumes. Like this girl right here from Cosplay.

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captain-obvious2900d ago

Better Than Boobs ???

i mean really ???

SupaGamer2900d ago

"Stephanie Gutowski"- article was written by a girl.

Nostradavis2900d ago

Article was written by someone that actually does/gets/appreciates cosplay, unlike the majority of cosplay garbage posts I see that are nothing more than a busty chick in a bikini.

Omegasyde2899d ago

Girls play video games?

bfenty2900d ago

I kinda agree about the name, but it IS a cool costume.

Sandwich Bender2900d ago

The effort people put into cosplay blows me away. This is pretty impressive.

CrzyFooL2900d ago

I am impressed by the fact that you are impressed. That to me, is impressive.

DaBadGuy2899d ago

The effort that those cosplay girls could put into blowing.....ah....I think you know where I'm going with this. Especially that Dratini girl from a few weeks ago. Mmmm....nice.

Spenok2899d ago

I agree, there is some crazy ass cosplay costumes out there.

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Eternus2900d ago

There is nothing better than boobs.

Megaton2900d ago

Asses > boobs.

On topic, that's actually a really good Juri.

xX TriiCKy Xx2900d ago

eh, I'm ALMOST 50/50 in terms of asses>boobs. But then again, maybe I'm 55/50..

Nostradavis2900d ago

It is a really good Juri. And that is the point of the column. It is not about girls in bikinis being called "cosplay naked chick of the week." Stephanie actually knows cosplay and picks cosplay that is actually well done.

CrzyFooL2900d ago

Girls that play games and dress up to show more boobs is better than just plain boobs imo.

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