‘The next chapter’ in console gaming peripherals has arrived

Razer, one of the best, if not ‘the’ best producer of pro gaming peripherals for the PC has finally shifted its skills into the game console market, and with this unveiling two new products exclusively for the Xbox 360.

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callahan092781d ago

Nice. I may pick up one of these controllers. Razer make awesome products. I use a DeathAdder mouse for PC gaming. So wonderful!

Inside_out2780d ago

Looks great but the price of that headset??? I hope they consider making a PS3 controller with the same button/stick layout of the 360 controller. The PS3 controller is the poorest designed controller ever made. Sony should consult with people who actually play games to design there stuff and preferably someone NOT in Japan.

Form follows function, not the other way around Sony.

Perjoss2780d ago

here take this flame-proof suit quick

Conloles2780d ago

Razer make awesome products, my Lycosa is an epic keyboard - good to see console people are being spoiled.

TEFL0N_D0N_812780d ago

don't worry about them blind sony fanboys. I like the PS3 myself, and have owned a PS and PS2. I always hated them Playstation controllers. Even back then, it seems that N64's and Dreamcast's advantage was controller design. No exception this time around. I read an article about Raven controllers that might map a 360 layout for the PS3. I'm buying it day one.

duplissi2780d ago

no offense cez, but you have blind fanboy written all over you (and your comment history). i would have to say that the original xbox controller was the poorest controller designed.

Dasteru2780d ago

You say the ps3 controller is the poorest design ever and that sony should consult actual gamers to make there stuff then u contradict urself by saying "form follows function, not the other way around"
i hate to break it to u but the 360 controllers only advantages over the ps3 controller are its form (which is actually still debatable) and the top trigger buttons (LT, RT, vs L2, R2). the Ps3 controller has a far better d-pad, and far better analog sticks, Longer and convex instead of concave both of which make them more precise than the 360's analog sticks. the dead zone on them is also noticably lower. the ps3 controller also still has arguably the best physical design and before the 360 came out its design (ps1/ps2) was considered hands down the best design by most gamers. to say its the worst design ever let alone bad functionality wise over the 360 controller is pure idiocy.

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piroh2780d ago

16 buttons, 2x 360 degree analogs, soft L2+R2, vibrations and sixaxis sensor

tdrules2780d ago

and yet the Razer will blow the DS3 out of the water.
have you ever used Razer products?

Xfanboy2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Why are you marketing Sony?? for shooters 360 controller is better & more comfortable!! Thats why pro gamers use it!! DualShock 3 works & charges on PC but really isn't used much..

But anyway Razar makes some of the best stuff!!

Only took 1 week to implement this!!

Here come the bubble eaters..

I hope this ecomes more popular!!

action @ 5:11

Newtype2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

I can use my DS3 as a PC control and play my PS2 emulator games on my computer. It has alot of uses. Razor isn't even that good, Logitech rapes them.

Logitech > Razor

Logitech G9X > Razor Death Adder

theonlylolking2780d ago

Pro gamers use the 360 controller since they only play xbox version of games or xbox exclsuive. The PS3 controller is better. The analog sticks are more accurate and you dont need FPS freeks for it but with those on you are even more accurate.

The only thing I like about my xbox 360 controller is that its more comfortable and it has better triggers. Everything else is worse.

Acquiescence2780d ago

And that's all I'll ever need.

e-p-ayeaH2780d ago

peripherals are not needed since the official products are very well built.

A shame that Dual Shock 2 built quality as being degrading each year. My DS2 i bought in 04 feels much better than my friend´s DS2 he bought last year.

Chaostar2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

I like to play with my joystick.

OT: That controller does look pretty cool, no love for PS3?

@newtype TBH I haven't tried any 3rd party periphs this gen so I can't really comment.

Newtype2780d ago

Razor, meh. I prefer logitech.

theonlylolking2780d ago

The DS3 is fine the way it is(other than the triggers). Razer knows that and other companies have made real triggers all ready for DS3 so there is no point in brining a razer controller to PS3.

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