SEGA readying Sonic Colors update for tomorrow, “franchise-changing” news on Thursday

In addition to an update about Sonic Colors tomorrow, there is apparently "franchise-changing" news about Sonic coming next week.

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Valay2900d ago

This sounds exciting, but I usually get the feeling with Sonic that it'll be a letdown.

BlackBusterCritic2899d ago

They've been letting their fans down since Sonic Adventure 2. But I still feel for Sega. They couldnt help themselves, nor could they listen to fans. Their fans are spamming their youtube page with requests for a Sonic X season 4.

kissmeimgreek2899d ago

I get a sense of hope everytime one is announced... Only to be dissapointed when i try it out. Good Luck with Sonic Colors though, Sega I know you can do it!

RageAgainstTheMShine2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

No matter how disappointed we were with how Sega treated Sonic, the Blue Blur will always be remembered as the only legit Mario Killer of all time-yet.
But its good to know they are friends now. So let's treat Sonic with respect he still deserves its not the mascot's fault anyways Let's face it the fathers of Sonic has left the house & Miyamoto is still taking care of Mario. Tha's a huge difference there. Even if we don't like the present Sega lets just accept their limitations shall we?

Ziriux2900d ago

Hopefully it changes in a good directions.

FlyWestbrook2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Sega has destroyed Sonic.

Quagmire2900d ago

No, you have destroyed sonic for yourself

NExaminer2900d ago

I decided not to set high expectations for sonic based on past games. I'm really hoping they announce something to get me more interested in it though. Based on the info released so far, it is looking a little more like past games in terms of gameplay (which is hopefully a good thing).

-Mezzo-2900d ago

As a long time Sonic fan, i'm looking forward to the news.

Spenok2899d ago

Lets hope this turns out to be good. Sonic with mario esk power-ups? We'll see.

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