Pads & Panels: Naughty Bear Review

Artificial Mind & Movement found great stylistic success with 2009’s Wet, a shoot ‘em up with a grindhouse feel, but gameplay arguably got repetitive, even over the course of a relatively short game. Any repetition gamers experienced with Wet, however, is put to shame by A2M’s follow up, Naughty Bear.

With the entire game playing as variations on the same level, with sluggish controls and a morally bankrupt storyline, Naughty Bear would not only be better served as a downloadable title, but still wouldn’t really impress in that realm. Its design is unapologetically lazy, its multiplayer loses sight of what could make it fun, and its sense of humor is, well, not really that funny.

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Darkfiber3025d ago

Great success? Really? Wet was as stupid as its name.