Michael Jackson: The Experience Details

Michael Jackson: The Experience has finally been named and with its reveal came the first few major details of the title.

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ManGastaS3053d ago

The x360 version will own!

AngelorD3053d ago

lol i thought it was the portal logo when i looked through the main page

MightyMark4273054d ago

We'll see how this goes. Hopefully it's as good as what they say

Kurisu3054d ago

It's a shame this game is profiting off of MJ's death...

3054d ago
KozmoOchez3054d ago

if only they were real...

NecrumSlavery3054d ago

same with chocobo. i'd ride it to work everyday

MightyMark4273054d ago

well they need to make money from it while MJ's legacy is still fresh :P the question is, will it be a hit just like his singles?

Dogswithguns3054d ago

They made his game when he was alive too... why does it bad when he's dead?

IdleLeeSiuLung3053d ago

I don't know, to me it is more about the opportunity to enjoy MJ work after his death. Then again, I was a fan before his death too.

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Kurisu3054d ago

Why, thank you :D Moogles are pretty epic :)

Bigpappy3054d ago

If they were doing something on what lead to death or show picture of his body at the hospital, ... then that would be using his death. I hope his kids get some royalties.

The game could be good. I first need to see some gameplay footage.

Here is where Kinect shows why it can not be ported. With PS3 it gets complicated: Do you just want to copy the Wii version and use the Move, or do you do a 2D version of what is on Kinect and just use the PSeye?

Folezicle3054d ago

They're profiting from death, if this game was made after it.. The company would of made it knowing that it people would buy it to honor MJ or feel sympathy for the family.. If it was in the making before his death that is another story.. But really business is about earning cash, and promoting your thing as much as possible is a way of gaining it. I mean MJ's dad promoted his band during MJs 1 year death anniversary.

If i were to get a dance game on Kinect (although I Doubt i'll get Move or Kinect) it would have to be Dance Central, very positive feedback)

IdleLeeSiuLung3053d ago

It's kid of messed up, but it is hard to criticize a company when MJ's own dad is doing it.

With that said, for me it is enjoying MJ's work. I would probably have done it before and after his death!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.