Itchy Thumbs: Gaming Guilty Secrets Exposed

Itchy Thumbs says: It’s fair to say that we’ve all got our guilty secrets, from the private stash of clothes in the attic to the series of Thai children that we’ve fathered (well, I say we, but I quite clearly mean you). Such secrets carry across to gaming as well, with even the most hardcore of players sure to have some rather surprising inclusions or exclusions from their collection.

Here at Itchy Towers (not real Towers, of course), we quizzed our team on their gaming secrets, asking them to come up with games that fitted the following categories.

1) A title (or series) that you love, which did not gain widespread appeal or critical praise.

2) A title (or series) that you dislike, which was praised by most critics and gamers alike.

3) A popular title (or series) that you have never ever played.

The results proved to be as follows:

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PirateThom3079d ago

I still have that X-Files game... I also had Resist or Server, but haven't been able to find it. Yeah, I'm a bit of an X-Files geek.

The PS One game had at least one section that I'm sure was broken, if you didn't do something in a very specific way, the game was uncompleteable.

dgroundwater3079d ago

I picked up EDF and got stuck on the giant robot fights :( It's pretty cool still.

Can anyone vouch for Velvet Assassin? I liked the old Splinter Cells so I'd like to see if it's any good.

3079d ago
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dizzleK3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

i can't really answer the questions specifically but i will say that i LOVE low budget games. i've owned turning point, legendary, x-blades, divinity 2 and risen. i own jurassic the hunted, darkest of days, two worlds and sniper ghost warrior. naval assault:the killing tide is on my gamefly queue.

i just enjoy these games due to their generally unusual concepts and earnest attempts at pure gameplay. theres an honesty there that screams "yea i'm low budget but does cod let you machine gun and rocket launcher civil war soldiers? i'm not killzone but you know you want to shoot minotaurs and griffons."

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